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  1. #1. Red Skull's Enigmatic Ride in 'Deadpool 3' Set Images
  2. #2. Moon Knight's Sweet Ride and Potential X-Men Link in 'Deadpool 3'

New ‘Deadpool 3’ Set Photos Uncover A Marvel Crossover That's Flying Under The Radar

Prepare for a Marvel Cinematic Universe rollercoaster as set images from the upcoming 'Deadpool 3' spill the beans on unexpected connections. Ryan Reynolds and Hugh Jackman, reprising their roles as Deadpool and Wolverine, grace the screen, battling iconic foes from the original X-Men movie. However, the intrigue deepens as remnants of the old 20th Century Fox logo hint at a universe in ruins, with major cameos from past Fox (now Studios) the pipeline.
The plot thickens with Red Skull's mysterious car and a nod to Moon Knight's cupcake van. Let's take a look into these revelations and explore the threads tying 'Deadpool 3' to the wider Marvel tapestry.

#1. Red Skull's Enigmatic Ride in 'Deadpool 3' Set Images

New ‘Deadpool 3’ Set Photos
The set images offer a visual feast, capturing the essence of 'Deadpool 3' and its unexpected ties to the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Therefore, what we can predict is the images tell us the cast and crew filming scenes for a destroyed 20th Century Fox Universe and the major cameos may come from various 20th Century Fox (now Studios) movies.
In the recently released set of images, Red Skull’s car from Captain America: The First Avenger may be spotted parked on set.
Still, the car itself looks like it is modded to the design that was teased in the Robeert Downey Jr.-led Iron Man movies, potentially giving clues that some more major cameos are included in the movie.
Deadpool 3
Although it is evident that the vehicle is merely a modified version of Red Skull's vehicle, as of the time this article was written, no pictures showed anyone dressed even somewhat like Red Skull.
As revealed during the events of Avengers: Infinity War, Red Skull has been residing in Vormir since the events of the first Captain America film, having been blown there by the cosmic cube.
Source: @DeadpoolUpdate / X
Moon Knight's Sweet Ride and Potential X-Men Link in 'Deadpool 3'
Continuing the visual feast, the set images unravel another puzzle piece: Moon Knight's cupcake van. A direct nod to the Oscar Isaac-led Disney+ series, this sugary vehicle raises questions about Moon Knight's potential involvement. Despite the absence of Moon Knight himself, the prospect of Isaac reprising his X-Men villain role adds a thrilling twist. 
The crossover potential deepens, presenting a two-for-one deal if Isaac's live-action Marvel characters make a cameo. Whether 'Deadpool 3' will seamlessly weave Moon Knight into its narrative or simply tip its hat to Marvel's multiverse remains to be seen. As the tantalizing connections unfold, fans eagerly await the cinematic spectacle set to hit theaters on May 3, 2024.
In conclusion, 'Deadpool 3' emerges not just as a standalone sequel but as a pivotal player in the interconnected Marvel Cinematic Universe. The set images serve as breadcrumbs, leading us through a maze of past franchises and characters, promising an adventure that transcends the boundaries of traditional superhero storytelling.
As the countdown to May 3, 2024, begins, the excitement for 'Deadpool 3' reaches new heights, fueled by the promise of unexpected cameos and a storyline that promises to rewrite the rules of Marvel cinema.
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