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  1. Scobell Would Love To Reunite With Ryan Reynolds
  2. What Did Scobell Mean By “Reunite”?
  3. Who Was Scobell Rumored To Play As In Deadpool 3?
  4. Walker Scobell Has A Promising Career Ahead Of Him

Is Walker Scobell In Deadpool 3? Here’s Everything We Know

Besides the trademark comedy and mature content, the Deadpool franchise always gets fans hyped with a bunch of cameo roles. The upcoming 2024 threequel is no different, as several renowned actors and celebrities are rumored to be featured in the movie. From Taylor Swift to Taron Egerton, these showbiz’s big names are enough to get Marvel fans on their feet.
And lately, Percy Jackson’s new rising star Walker Scobell is said to be the next to make a cameo in Deadpool 3. The young performer is also aware of the rumor, and he addressed this himself in a recent interview with ComicBookMovie. Let’s find out if Scobell will star in Deadpool 3 or not, and if so, what role he will take.

#1. Scobell Would Love To Reunite With Ryan Reynolds

Source: Josh Wilding YouTube Channel
Speaking with ComicBookMovie at a press conference for Disney+’s upcoming Percy Jackson TV series alongside his teen co-stars Leah Jeffries and Aruan Simhadri, Walker Scobell addressed the rumor about him appearing in Deadpool 3, The young star seems to be pleased with the rumor, but he’s unlikely to be in the movie.
"Not that I know of, but I learned a lot of valuable lessons from them that I used while filming Percy Jackson. And, um, yeah, I'm not sure—I'm hoping to reunite someday, but I don't know,” said Scobell, seemingly debunking the rumor.

#2. What Did Scobell Mean By “Reunite”?

What Did Scobell Mean By “Reunite”? Source: Netflix
By “reunite”, Scobell meant that he’d love to return to star alongside Ryan Reynolds, his co-star in Netflix’s The Adam’s Project. Owen Wilson, who also worked with Scobell in 2022’s Secret Headquarters, is also rumored to be in Deadpool 3 as Mobius M. Mobius, though there is no confirmation from Marvel just yet.
Walker Scobell had the experience to work with both Ryan Reynolds and Mark Ruffalo, two MCU actors, in The Adam Project, and the three had great chemistry together. Therefore, we can see why the young actor is very open to the idea of working with Reynolds again in future projects, however, it might not be Deadpool 3.

#3. Who Was Scobell Rumored To Play As In Deadpool 3?

Who Was Scobell Rumored To Play As In Deadpool 3? Source: 20th Century Fox
The Percy Jackson star was initially rumored to portray Kidpool, a younger variant of Wade Wilson. Both Kidpool and Deadpool himself have met several times in comics, so fans are eager to see such interactions again on the big screen. In The Adam Project, both Scobell and Reynolds play the same character, Adam Reed, as his kid and adult self. 
If Scobell gets to star in Deadpool 3, we could see the same situation all over again, as he and Reynolds will both play different versions of the Merc with a Mouth in the much-anticipated sequel.

#4. Walker Scobell Has A Promising Career Ahead Of Him

Walker Scobell Has A Promising Career Ahead Of Him Source: Disney
Currently 14 years old, Walker Scobell is one of the latest rising stars in Hollywood. He made himself known through Netflix’s The Adam Project and Secret Headquarters in 2022 as one of the main characters. The movie was a hit, and it propelled the young star’s name to greater heights, with multiple new projects awaiting him in the future.
Currently, Scobell is working with Disney for the upcoming Percy Jackson and the Olympians TV series, as he stars as the titular protagonist. The Disney+ series was released earlier this December, and so far has gained fairly positive reviews from fans and critics.
Do you think Walker Scobell will star in Deadpool 3? Which other celebrity do you think will be featured in the movie? Share your thoughts in the comments.
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