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  1. #1. Is Pedro Pascal In The MCU?
  2. #2. What Is Marvel Studios' Reaction To The Rumor?
  3. #3. All Other Casting Choices We Know About MCU Fantastic Four
  4. #4. Pedro Pascal Can Join The MCU, Why Not?

MCU Fantastic Four: Is Pedro Pascal The New Reed Richards?

Ever since the acquisition of Fox from Disney, Marvel fans have been looking forward to a Fantastic Four movie in the MCU. The film is set to release on May 2, 2025, but for now, not much information is revealed. The main cast of the team is also a well-speculated topic, with most of them still shrouded in mystery.
However, a recent rumor has arisen that Marvel has cast Pedro Pascal as Reed Richards, the leader of the team. If this rumor turns out to be true, it will end every debate about who will play Mister Fantastic recently. So, is this rumor trustworthy? Let’s find out.

#1. Is Pedro Pascal In The MCU?

Source: DanielRPK, X
According to DanielRPK, a renowned scooper who often posts his updates on X, shocks the community by revealing Pedro Pascal as the next Reed Richards in the MCU. The scooper noted that Pascal had been offered the role from Marvel Studios. Another movie page, /Film, even claimed that Pascal had already signed the paper to play the character.
The groundbreaking news, of course, shocked the whole Marvel fandom, as not many expect Pedro Pascal to get the role by surpassing other candidates, such as John Krasinski, Penn Badgley, or Adam Driver. However, this would be a good chance to put Pascal’s versatility to the test, as Reed Richards proves to be a much more serious role than the others he has played.

#2. What Is Marvel Studios' Reaction To The Rumor?

Reacting to the rumor, Deadline denied the claim that Pascal has signed a contract with Marvel, stating that “the deal is far from done”. However, they also confirmed that the actor is already in talks with Marvel for a role in the 2025 movie. Marvel Studios itself, however, hasn’t made any comments regarding the matter.

#3. All Other Casting Choices We Know About MCU Fantastic Four

All Other Casting Choices We Know About MCU Fantastic Four Source: Marvel
Before Pascal, many other renowned actors in Hollywood have been linked to play Mister Fantastic. The list includes Adam Driver, Penn Badgley, Glenn Howerton, and so on. John Krasinski, who already played the Earth-838 variant of Reed Richards in Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness is said to reprise his role, but the actor denied the rumor.
The other casting choices of the Fantastic Four are also still shrouded in mystery. The Mission Impossible star, Vanessa Kirby, is linked to the role of Susan Storm/Invisible Girl, while her brother, Johnny/Human Torch, is rumored to be played by Joseph Quinn. 
For the last member, Ben Grimm/The Thing, Daveed Diggs is the most prominent candidate until now. However, none of these rumors have been addressed by Marvel Studios just yet.

#4. Pedro Pascal Can Join The MCU, Why Not?

Pedro Pascal Can Join The MCU, Why Not? Source: NME
If the reports from DanielRPK and Deadline are true, while the paperwork hasn’t been done just yet, it seems that Marvel Studios and Pedro Pascal are reaching a mutual agreement in the near future. If so, this could become huge for Marvel fans, since Pascal is a very well-loved performer, whose popularity skyrocketed recently thanks to the role of Joel in The Last Of Us.
It’s important to remember that Pascal’s upcoming schedule is quite packed with two Hollywood blockbusters Gladiator 2 and The Last Of Us Season 2, so hopefully, the actor can make time to be part of the MCU as well.
Do you think Pedro Pascal would make a great Reed Richards? Will Marvel manage to land a deal with him? Let us know in the comments.
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