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  1. #1. Loki Season 2’s Ending Explained
  2. #2. Does Loki Season 2’s Ending Have Anything To Do With The Time Stone?
  3. #3. The Loki Theory Makes Even More Sense, Thanks To This Detail In Marvel Comics 6 Years Earlier

Loki Season 2’s Shocking Ending May Explain Why The Time Stone Is Green

2023 has concluded, and Loki Season 2 comes out on top as one of the best MCU shows of the year. Especially, its season finale is widely considered one of the best endings in the MCU ever, as it sees Loki fulfilling his glorious purpose, saving the entire Multiverse by shutting himself inside the Sacred Timeline to keep the branches together for eternity.
By stepping into the Loom, Loki has become the strongest version of himself, who’s able to time travel as he likes, hold can keep track of every timeline there is, and overlook the Multiverse from past to future. With the God of Stories’ absolute control over time at the moment, many Marvel fans believe he’s also the reason why the MCU’s Time Stone is green in the first place. 
How is this even possible, since the Time Stone was presented way before Loki was born? Let’s find out.

#1. Loki Season 2’s Ending Explained

Loki Season 2’s Ending Explained Source: Marvel
At the end of Loki Season 2, “Glorious Purpose”, after multiple attempts to undo the Temporal Loom’s demise, the God of Mischief finally heeds He Who Remains’ warning, and decides to take matters into his own hands. Loki walks into the Loom, destroys it, and uses his magic to hold every branching timeline together, while also giving lives back to the dying ones. 
The timelines will die the moment Loki lets go of his hand, so he weaves a huge web of timelines to hold on to all of them. By Loki’s power, the timelines keep weaving into the Yggdrasil - the tree of life, containing every timeline possible in the Multiverse. Loki takes a seat on the lonely throne, and smiles a bittersweet smile, before getting engulfed in the greening branches.
Loki Time Stone Source: Marvel
By doing this, Loki has saved every one of his friends, including Mobius and Sylvie, alongside every other being in the Multiverse, and gives them free will. In return, the now God of Stories is now trapped forever in the Sacred Timeline, with one sole purpose to hold on to the branching timelines and watch over the Multiverse for eternity. It was a bitter yet heroic end to one of the best characters in the MCU so far.

#2. Does Loki Season 2’s Ending Have Anything To Do With The Time Stone?

Does Loki Season 2’s Ending Have Anything To Do With The Time Stone? Source: Marvel
After Avengers: Endgame, after Captain America returns the Infinity Stones to their respective places, the stones play a much smaller part in Phases 4 and 5. However, after seeing Loki Season 2’s ending, many Marvel fans believe that the God of Stories is the real reason why the Time Stone, aka the Eye of Agamotto, is green.
Now, we all know that green is Loki’s primary color, as it has always been since Thor (2011). In the epic scene where he grabs onto every timeline in Loki Season 2’s ending, he also uses his green-themed magic to breathe lives into each one of them. This green color is coincidentally the same color with the Tim Stone, which made its debut way back in 2017’s Doctor Strange. 
Loki Theory Source: Marvel
Of course, this wild theory may cause some questions. The Time Stone has been existing for millennials, even way before Loki was born. How is the God of Stories able to change the color of it? The answer is quite simple. Now that Loki is the God of Stories, he has access to look over, protect, and manipulate time as he wishes. Before entering the Temporal Loom, the Asgardian already can travel through time with his time-slipping ability. 
Therefore, with his newfound power, Loki is now a being that has transcended time itself. Now that time is under his command, he can easily change the color of the Time Stone to his trademark color. It doesn’t matter if the Time Stone has existed way before, Loki, the God of Stories can still manipulate it effortlessly.

#3. The Loki Theory Makes Even More Sense, Thanks To This Detail In Marvel Comics 6 Years Earlier

The Loki Theory Makes Even More Sense, Thanks To This Detail In Marvel Comics 6 Years Earlier Source: Marvel, We Got This Covered!
This theory seems even more plausible if you know that, before making its MCU debut in Doctor Strange, the original Time Stone had a different color in the comics. After that, it starts changing from the orange color theme to green. 
This sudden change could be the work of Loki after he becomes the God of Stories, and if this theory is true, then it is one of the most elaborate and well-written plot twists in Marvel history, as it helps connect the events from both the comics and the cinematic universe even years later.
Do you believe that Loki is the reason why the Time Stone’s color was turned to green? Let us know in the comments.
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