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  1. #1. What Happens To Kingpin In Echo?
  2. #2. Why Echo’s Ending Sets Kingpin Up As The Villain Of Spider-Man 4
  3. #3. Why Kingpin Is The Perfect Spider-Man 4’s Villain

Marvel’s Echo May Have Set Up A Perfect Villain For Spider-Man 4, And Here’s How

The Marvel Cinematic Univers kickstarts its 2024 with the miniseries Echo, marking the second time Maya Lopez appears after her debut in Hawkeye. While receiving mixed reviews from fans and critics, the TV show still impresses us with spectacular and brutal fighting sequences, Maya’s rich indigenous heritage, and of course, the appearance of characters such as Daredevil and Kingpin.
Especially, Echo’s main villain, Kingpin (Vincent D’Onofrio), amazes us all by making a spectacular return to the series. Seemingly dead after getting shot in the head by Maya herself at the end of Hawkeye, D’Onofrio Wilson Fisk somehow returns to Echo alive and well. 
Marvel fans even believe that Echo’s ending may have set up Kingpin as the main villain for a potential Tom Holland’s Spider-Man 4, and if this comes true, it will be a dream scenario for every Spidey fan on the planet.

#1. What Happens To Kingpin In Echo?

What Happens To Kingpin In Echo? Source: Marvel
Portrayed by Vincent D’Onofrio, Wilson Fisk was assumed dead in Hawkeye, after getting shot in the head at point-blank range by Maya Lopez, as she learned he’s the one responsible for her father’s death. However, the infamous crime lord returns to Echo, wearing an eyepatch where he was shot. He and Maya continue to be at each other’s throats for the majority of the series.
However, in the final episode, as Kingpin holds her town and family hostage, Maya has learned to let go of her past, and even channels the power of her ancestors to stop Fisk and heal the rage that resides deep within him. Maya’s action also triggers a bunch of flashbacks to Kingpin’s tragic past.
Kingpin Echo Source: Marvel
By making him relieve these traumatic moments, Fisk can finally let go of his pain and anger, and finally retreat, seemingly a different man than before. However, the villain’s journey doesn’t end there. In the post-credits scene, Wilson Fisk is seen boarding his private jet and watching the news about New York’s mayoral race. 
As the commentators talk about how New York badly needs a “bare-knuckle brawler” mayor who can fight on his own to deal with the city’s problems, Fisk leans forward and shows interest in running for mayor of NYC.

#2. Why Echo’s Ending Sets Kingpin Up As The Villain Of Spider-Man 4

Why Echo’s Ending Sets Kingpin Up As The Villain Of Spider-Man 4 Source: Marvel
If D’Onofrio’s Kingpin seriously runs for mayor of New York and wins, this might set up a familiar storyline for Spidey fans who read comics. 
In Marvel Comics, Wilson Fisk also runs for mayor of New York City and eventually wins. As he accepts the new position, the ex-crime lord makes a promise to free the city from criminals and vigilantes alike. This pact, of course, makes Spider-Man one of Kingpin’s new targets.
Obviously, if the MCU decides to adapt the storyline, then the upcoming Spider-Man 4 could see Kingpin run for the mayor position, and try to get rid of Tom Holland’s Spider-Man as one of the vigilantes running loose in the city.

#3. Why Kingpin Is The Perfect Spider-Man 4’s Villain

Why Kingpin Is The Perfect Spider-Man 4’s Villain Source: Marvel, The Direct
After losing literally everything in Spider-Man: No Way Home, including his aunt, his friends, and allies, Tom Holland’s Peter is now building everything from scratch, resuming his secret identity as Spider-Man. 
Now without Tony Stark and the Avengers to back him up, the MCU’s Spider-Man is seemingly returning to a more grounded level in the next movie, making him a perfect prey for Kingpin should the villain run for the mayor position successfully. Besides, having a more street-level villain like Kingpin as his adversary will be a nice change of pace to the next Wall-Crawler movie, which is said to be less “superhero” and more “friendly neighborhood” stuff.
Kingpin Spider-Man Source: Marvel
Besides a potential Spider-Man 4 movie, Kingpin’s run for NYC mayor election could also be the storyline for the upcoming Daredevil: Born Again, as we can get to see the deepened rivalry between Matt Murdock and Wilson Fisk.
Do you think Kingpin will be Spider-Man 4’s main villain? What’s your expectation for the Spidey sequel? Let us know in the comments.
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