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  1. Capsicle (Captain America)
  2. Shakespeare In The Park (Thor)
  3. Underoos (Spider-Man)
  4. Legolas (Hawkeye)
  5. Reindeer Games (Loki)
  6. Forehead Of Security (Happy Hogan)
  7. Jolly Green (Hulk)
  8. The Wizards (Doctor Strange And Wong)
  9. Squidward (Ebony Maw)
  10. Ratchet (Rocket)
  11. Thumbelina (Ant-Man)
  12. Super Secret Boy Band (The Avengers)

12 Most Hilarious Nicknames Tony Stark Has Come Up With In The MCU

If there is a poll for Marvel fans about the funniest character in the MCU, Tony Stark, aka Iron Man, will definitely take the top spot. Tony’s sarcastic and witty humor has been one of the most distinct features of the MCU. The billionaire has a knack for comedy, he can effortlessly crack jokes literally everywhere, even in the midst of battle, and always makes us laugh our sanity out.
One of Tony Stark’s best jokes in the franchise is the random nicknames he gives to everyone he faces, both friends and foes alike.  Now that Iron Man is gone, let’s take a look at some of the best nicknames he has given to his allies and opponents throughout the Infinity Saga, to remind us how badly we miss his humor in the MCU.

#1. Capsicle (Captain America)

Capsicle (Captain America) Source: Marvel
Tony and Cap weren’t on the best of terms when they first met, as Steve disliked Tony’s immaturity, and Tony, on the other hand, simply didn’t bode well with Steve’s uptight personality. When they met in The Avengers, Tony called Cap “Capsicle”, referencing how the latter was literally frozen for 70 years in Antarctica.

#2. Shakespeare In The Park (Thor)

Shakespeare In The Park (Thor) Source: Marvel
Tony has his fair share of fun nicknames for the God of Thunder, from Point Break to Lebowski, but Shakespeare in the Park hits the hardest. This was when the two first encountered in The Avengers, and Iron Man quickly followed up by asking if Thor was wearing his mother’s drapes, mocking his sense of fashion.

#3. Underoos (Spider-Man)

Underoos (Spider-Man) Source: Marvel
For those who don’t know, Underoos is a brand of undergarments for kids that allows them to dress up as their favorite superheroes. By calling Peter Parker this nickname, Tony was basically taking a dig at Spidey’s vigilantism act as a superhero dress-up game. Not that Peter mind, though.

#4. Legolas (Hawkeye)

Legolas (Hawkeye) Source: Marvel
Well, this one is pretty straightforward. Tony humorously acknowledged Clint’s archery skills by comparing him to the legendary elf archer from the Lords of the Rings franchise. Quite a compliment, isn’t it?

#5. Reindeer Games (Loki)

Reindeer Games (Loki) Source: Marvel
This is obviously a dig into Loki’s prolonged helmet in The Avengers, with two horns that make him look like a reindeer at times. Tony also calls the Jotnar “Rock of Ages”, a famous Broadway reference that every New Yorker would know.

#6. Forehead Of Security (Happy Hogan)

Forehead Of Security (Happy Hogan) Source: Marvel
Well, this is technically not wrong, since Happy was the Stark Tower’s head of security at the time. That, and also because Happy has a really big forehead compared to others.

#7. Jolly Green (Hulk)

Jolly Green (Hulk) Source: Marvel
There’s nothing jolly about Hulk, except that time when he merged into one with Bruce Banner in Endgame. Both Tony and Hulk have their fair share of clashes in the franchise, and we can feel Tony’s sarcastic remark oozing out of this nickname.

#8. The Wizards (Doctor Strange And Wong)

The Wizards (Doctor Strange And Wong) Source: Marvel
No matter how many times Stephen Strange insists Tony call him Sorcerer Supreme, the latter still calls him “Wizard” in a rather mocking tone. He even told Bruce “You are embarrassing me in front of the wizards,” when the latter was unable to transform into Hulk in Infinity War.

#9. Squidward (Ebony Maw)

Squidward (Ebony Maw) Source: Marvel
Ebony Maw is an incredibly powerful and intimidating foe, but we just can’t look at him seriously again after Tony calls him Squidward. Of course, this is a reference to the lethargic squid in SpongeBob SquarePants, and the resemblance in looks makes this nickname ten times better.

#10. Ratchet (Rocket)

Ratchet (Rocket) Source: Marvel
Tony Stark is definitely a man of culture, as many of his nicknames are references from different sub-cultures like memes, movies, and even games. Rocket’s Ratchet is another example. Ratchet is a popular PlayStation character from the Ratchet and Clank game franchise, and the fact that Tony knows this makes him even more cultured than ever.

#11. Thumbelina (Ant-Man)

Thumbelina (Ant-Man) Source: Marvel
Likewise, Thumbelina is a fictional character from a bedtime story for kids, who shrinks down to the size of a thumb. Ant-Man can even shrink himself to subatomic sizes and enter the Quantum Realm, making the Thumbelina nickname a perfect fit.

#12. Super Secret Boy Band (The Avengers)

Super Secret Boy Band (The Avengers) Source: Marvel

When Nick Fury first approached Tony to form the Avengers, the latter didn’t seem convinced by the idea, and told Fury that he “doesn’t want to join the Super Secret Boy Band”. When you think about it, this is not entirely untrue. A team with a guy in a metal suit, a demigod in a medieval outfit, a giant green man, and a boomer in a spandex suit? Sounds like a boy band to me!

Which nickname above do you like the most? Can you name some other cool nicknames that Tony Stark has given to his friends and foes? Tell us more in the comments.

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