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  1. #1. Cassandra Webb/Madame Web
  2. #2. Julia Carpenter/Spider-Woman
  3. #3. Mattie Franklin/Spider-Woman
  4. #4. Anya Corazón/Araña/Spider-Girl
  5. #5. Ezekiel Sims

Every Spider-Man Appeared In Madame Web’s Trailer, Explained

Alongside the current MCU run, Spidey fans are also looking forward to seeing what Sony Pictures Entertainment has in store for their own version of the Web-Slinger, and they weren’t disappointed. After two Venom movies and the upcoming Kraven The Hunter story, Sony continues to expand their Spider-Man universe with another arachnid-related title, Madame Web.
The first trailer of Madame Web was released on November 15, 2023, and it introduces to us not one, but five new Spider-People waiting to be explored. While none of them is our beloved Peter Parker, these characters have shown glimpses of promises about what they can do in the upcoming Sony title.
Let’s learn more about Cassandra Webb, Julia Carpenter, and the rest of the Spider-People who appeared in the trailer: their powers, comic origins, and more.

#1. Cassandra Webb/Madame Web

Played by Fifty Shades star Dakota Johnson, Cassandra Webb is the first Spider-Person to be introduced in the trailer. Cassandra works as a paramedic in New York, until one point, she learns she has some sort of clairvoyance abilities allowing her to see the near future. Thus, Cassandra is linked to three other Spider-People through the spider-world.
In the comics, Cassandra Webb is a mutant, who’s also blind from birth. With her clairvoyance abilities, she becomes a medium in the spider-world, putting her into contact with Peter Parker’s Spider-Man, other Spider-People, and other superheroes.
Besides seeing into the future, Madame Web can also mind-reading and use telepathy: including astral projection, psychic surgery, and mind manipulation.

#2. Julia Carpenter/Spider-Woman

There are several Spider-Women in the Marvel Comics universe, and Julia Carpenter is one of them. Played by rising star Sydney Sweeney in the trailer, Julia is a young girl who’s connected to Cassandre Webb’s cognitive mind by her powers.
In the comics, Julia gains her arachnid powers due to a shady experiment by the Commission, a secretive government organization. Her powers are similar to our Spidey, but instead of using artificial webs, she can generate psionic energy to use her webbing. Later on in the story, she receives Cassandra Webb’s powers as the latter is dying, and becomes the new Madame Web.

#3. Mattie Franklin/Spider-Woman

You heard that right, there are two Spider-Women in Madame Web, and none of them is Jessica Drew. Mattie Franklin, played by Celeste O’Connor, She’s one of the girls that Cassandra’s connected to, and later receives her arachnid abilities.
In the comics, Mattie is the niece of J. Jonah Jameson, editor and owner of the Daily Bugle. She gains her powers due to the Gathering of Five ceremony, including wallcrawling, superhuman strength and reflexes just like Peter Parker. She can also do Venom Blasts like Jessica Drew and Miles Morales, use psychic Spider-legs, and fly. Her only weakness is her allergy to feline.

#4. Anya Corazón/Araña/Spider-Girl

Portrayed by the Dora star Isabela Merced, Anya Corazón is the last member of the Spider-Women team. Just like the other girls, her spider powers were awakened after the fateful encounter with Cassandra Webb.
In the comics, Anya earns her powers thanks to Miguel Lugar, the sorcerer of the Spider-Society. Her first superhero alias was Araña, but was later changed to Spider-Girl. Her abilities are similar to other Spider-People, but she can also use camouflage to hide herself in shadows and produce organic webbings.

#5. Ezekiel Sims

Portrayed by Tahar Rahim, Ezekiel Sims is expected to be the main antagonist of Madame Web. In the trailer, it seems that Ezekiel is able to wield the same clairvoyance ability as Cassandra, and can see into the future. Donning a dark suit, Ezekiel hunts down Cassandra and the rest of the Spider-Women for unknown reasons.
In the comics, though, Ezekiel is far from a bad guy. Being a living Spider-Totem himself, Ezekiel works to protect Spider-Man and other Spider-People from the vampiric villain Morlun. He doesn’t don a suit and a mask like in the movie trailer, either.
Remember that therapist Spider-Man from Across the Spider-Verse? Yep, that was Ezekiel Sims alright.
What do you think of Madame Web’s cast? Do you think Ezekiel Sims is the main villain of the movie? Let us know what you think in the comments. 
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