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Cutest Extinct Dog Breeds That You Never Know Walked The Earth: The Un-furtunate That Deserved A Better Fate!

We have written about the biggie extinct dog breeds before, but have you wondered what the oldtimer cute dog breeds looked like? Well, we have the answer, so if you are interested in these unfortunate cutie pies, you have come to the right place.
Here are some of the cutest puppies that stopped to exist, sometimes due to our fault, let’s take a look.
While we often think about endangered or extinct animals in the context of larger species, like the dodo bird or the woolly mammoth, there have been dog breeds that have gone extinct as well. Here are five extinct cute dog breeds and their brief histories:

Cutest Dogs That No Longer Roam The Earth

Cutest Dogs That No Longer Roam The Earth - cute dog Source: Google Images

Talbot Hound:

History: The Talbot Hound, also known as the St. Hubert Hound, was a beloved breed in medieval Europe. Originating in France and later becoming popular in England, it was favored by the nobility for its striking white coat and gentle temperament.
Appearance: These dogs were large, strong, and had a distinctive white coat with some black or brown markings. They had long, pendulous ears and a noble, dignified expression.
Function: Talbot Hounds were primarily used for hunting large game such as deer and wild boar. They were known for their excellent tracking abilities and loyalty to their owners.
Extinction: As hunting preferences evolved and other breeds like the Bloodhound gained prominence, the Talbot Hound's numbers dwindled, leading to its eventual extinction in the 16th century.
Cutest Dogs That No Longer Roam The Earth - cutest dog in the world Source: Google Images

Turnspit Dog:

History: The Turnspit Dog was a small, terrier-like breed that served a unique role in the kitchens of Europe during the 16th to 19th centuries. Their main job was to run on a wheel or treadmill, turning a spit to roast meat.
Appearance: These dogs were low to the ground with long bodies and short legs, perfect for their job of running on the wheel. They had a scruffy, wiry coat.
Function: Turnspit Dogs played a crucial role in the preparation of roasted meats. Their stamina allowed them to turn the spit for hours, ensuring even cooking.
Extinction: With advancements in kitchen technology, the need for Turnspit Dogs declined. Over time, they were no longer bred for their specific function, and their numbers dwindled, eventually leading to their extinction.
Cutest Dogs That No Longer Roam The Earth - puppy dogs Source: Google Images


History: The Kuri was a small to medium-sized dog breed native to New Zealand, where it was cherished by the indigenous Māori people. They played a role as both companions and hunting dogs.
Appearance: Kuris varied in size and color but were generally small to medium-sized with a short coat. They had a fox-like appearance with erect ears.
Function: Kuris were loyal companions to the Māori and were also used in hunting for birds and small game.
Extinction: The arrival of Europeans in New Zealand introduced new dog breeds. These foreign dogs, along with diseases, caused a rapid decline in the Kuri population, leading to their extinction in the early 19th century.
Cutest Dogs That No Longer Roam The Earth - cutest dog breed Source: Google Images

Blue Paul Terrier:

History: The Blue Paul Terrier, originating in Scotland, was a strong and muscular breed. While they were initially bred for dog fighting in the 19th century, they developed a reputation for loyalty and affection towards their owners.
Appearance: These terriers had a well-muscled body and a distinctive blue-gray coat. They were medium-sized dogs with a confident and fearless demeanor.
Function: Originally, they were used in dog fighting rings, but their loyalty and protective nature made them cherished family pets as well.
Extinction: Changes in laws and public sentiment led to the decline of dog fighting. As preferences shifted toward other breeds, the Blue Paul Terrier faded into obscurity and eventually went extinct.
Cutest Dogs That No Longer Roam The Earth - cute dog pictures Source: Google Images

Russian Tracker:

History: The Russian Tracker was bred in Russia and was known for its strength and tracking abilities. It was a large breed with a friendly and affectionate nature.
Appearance: Russian Trackers were muscular and had a short, dense coats. Their size made them suitable for tracking large game.
Function: They were primarily used for tracking and hunting purposes. Their strong sense of smell and loyalty made them valuable assets to hunters.
Extinction: The Russian Tracker saw a decline in numbers following the Russian Revolution, and other breeds gained popularity. As a result, the Russian Tracker eventually went extinct.
Cutest Dogs That No Longer Roam The Earth - cute small dogs Source: Google Images

Salish Wool Dog:

History: The Salish Wool Dog was a small, Spitz-type breed indigenous to the Pacific Northwest, particularly among the Salish people. They were prized for their soft, thick fur.
Appearance: These dogs were small and fluffy, with a thick double coat. Their primary role was as a source of wool, rather than as traditional pets.
Function: Salish Wool Dogs were bred for their luxurious fur, which the Salish people used to weave blankets and textiles. They played a vital role in the Salish economy.
Extinction: With the arrival of European settlers and changes in the fur trade, the Salish Wool Dog breed was eventually abandoned, leading to its extinction in the early 20th century.
Cutest Dogs That No Longer Roam The Earth - cute pictures of dogs Source: Google Images

Paisley Terrier:

Legacy of Luscious Locks: The Paisley Terrier was a small breed that could easily outshine most people in the hair department. Renowned for its silky coat, this pup became a sought-after companion, laying the groundwork for the development of the Yorkshire Terrier, one of the tiniest and most beloved dog breeds in the world.
Extinction: As the Yorkshire Terrier gained immense popularity, the Paisley Terrier, unfortunately, faded into history..

Recap: A Cute Extinct Dog Breed List

Recap: A Cute Extinct Dog Breed List - cutest dog Source: Google Images
While we often hear about extinct animal species, these stories shed light on charming dog breeds that have disappeared over time. From the elegant Talbot Hound to the diligent Turnspit Dog, each breed had a unique role in history. Although they're gone, their cuteness lives on in our fascination with these adorable old-timers.
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