Couple Adopts Bulldog Who Looks Similar To Their Pet and Gets A Big Surprise

Almost three years ago, Cole Bridge and Gabby Dillon adopted Lucy from Hopalong Animal Rescue. Lucy, a small, stocky bulldog, quickly became a beloved member of the family.
Lucy had a challenging start to life Source: COLE BRIDGE

“She was so exhausted her first few days with us; she slept all day long and very, very deeply,” Bridge shared. “After a week or so, her sensitive, playful, and incredibly sweet personality started to come out.”

Lucy had a challenging start to life. Found alone in an Oakland truck yard, Lucy displayed signs of recent motherhood, though her puppies were not found.

Recognizing her need for extra love, Bridge and Dillon provided a safe and caring home for Lucy, allowing her to settle in happily.

Bridge and Dillon received a surprising message Source: COLE BRIDGE

Two years after Lucy's adoption, Bridge and Dillon received a surprising message from the animal rescue. They were informed about another dog at the rescue who bore an uncanny resemblance to Lucy.

Intrigued by the strange connection, the couple embarked on a journey to uncover the mystery of Lucy's past.

Lucy and Ronnie Source: COLE BRIDGE

Bridge said, “We were excited, but also emotional because we’ve always talked about how sad it is that she was separated from her puppies.”

“When we first got her, she used to look under every car we walked by on the street as if she was looking for her puppies that might have been left in the truck yard she was found in. We just couldn’t shake the thought of missing out on bringing one of her puppies back home to her.”

DNA testing Source: COLE BRIDGE

Despite not having confirmed their relationship through DNA testing, Bridge and Dillon felt an undeniable urge for Lucy and Ronnie to meet. Before long, the two dogs were introduced, and the striking resemblance between them was evident.

“We should have filmed their first meeting—it was hilarious,” Bridge said. “It’s like they were looking in a mirror and both realizing how crazy that was. Then, they started hopping around each other, freezing and jumping around more. It was so clear they had their connection that went beyond just liking each other.”

Lucy is Ronnie's mom Source: COLE BRIDGE

Subsequent DNA testing confirmed the relationship—Lucy is Ronnie's mom. Now reunited, Lucy and Ronnie enjoy their days together, lounging on the couch or following the sun for a cozy nap.

Bridge and Dillon consider welcoming these two rescue pups into their family an unforgettable and cherished experience.

“After Lucy and Ronnie, there is no way that we’d ever get a dog from anywhere but a shelter,” Bridge shared. “It’s been so special to give Lucy a better life, and now we can do the same for Ronnie too.”

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