This Man Stops To Rescue 'Angry' Animal In The Road—And Ends Up Making A Friend

While driving through rural New South Wales, Australia, wildlife specialist Mick Fullerton spotted a little creature in harm's way, at risk of being hit by passing cars. Concerned for its safety, Fullerton decided to intervene.
eastern shingleback skink Source: NICK BRUNDLE PHOTOGRAPHY

As he neared, he recognized the animal as an eastern shingleback skink, a lizard unique to the area with a black, scaly appearance.

While Fullerton harbored no ill intentions, the skink responded with defensive gestures by hissing and flashing her large, protruding tongue. This is a reflex meant to ward off any would-be predators.

You can’t stay here Source: IAINSTYCH

Despite that, Fullerton was determined to help, urging her to move away from the road to avoid any danger from passing cars.

“You can’t stay here,” Fullerton told the skink. “There’s cars on this road.”

After relocating the skink to a safer spot by the roadside, the initially disgruntled creature appeared to grasp Fullerton's good intentions. The change from a defensive posture to a softened demeanor was evident.

"Aw, what a little legend!" Fullerton exclaimed.


The skink's demeanor softened, allowing her rescuer to give her a few gentle head scratches.

And just like that, Fullerton's interaction with the "angry" skink concluded on a happy note. He had protected her from potential harm and, in the process, became a friend.

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