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Woman Completely Loses It After Finding Out The Culprit Ate Her Pumpkin Decorations As Tasty Snack

Erin Zak wanted to decorate her front porch with decorative pumpkins as the fall season approached, embracing the spirit of the changing seasons.

She had no idea that her colorful pumpkins would draw an unexpected guest. Zak thought that the nibbling culprit enjoyed the pumpkins not just as decorations but also as tasty food.

lighthearted Halloween story Source: ERIN ZAK

While such unwanted feasting could bother others, Zak took it with stride. She was more concerned about the pumpkin debris left behind than she was about any damage to her decorating.

“It really takes a lot for me to get angry or annoyed at something, especially something like that. The mess to clean up was a little irritating, but it’s really no big deal,” Zak said.

With a laid-back attitude, she turned the pumpkin's unpleasant situation into a lighthearted Halloween story.

pumpkin bandit Source: ERIN ZAK

After days of mysterious pumpkin nibbling, it was finally unmasked, and Erin Zak couldn't help but be amused.

Returning home one day, Zak caught sight of the culprit, and to her surprise, it was a plump squirrel. This chubby creature was enjoying Zak's festive pumpkins to its heart's content.

“I was literally caught off guard and thought it was a groundhog!” Zak said. “I realized this is the culprit who has been eating through all of my Halloween decorations.”


Rather than expressing frustration, Zak found the whole situation humorous and shared her discovery.

“When I saw the big fella, I thought it was just so funny! My commentary might sound a little harsh, but I’m actually just joking around. I guess that’s just my sense of humor,” Zak shared.

This squirrel, having satisfied his pumpkin cravings, met Zak again. She was amused by the squirrel's antics and couldn't resist sharing more about her encounters with the plump rodent.


In a playful continuation of her commentary, she jokingly continued her "body-shaming" of the squirrel. But the chubby rodent hardly seemed to take offense.

Despite the jest, Zak acknowledged the practicality of the squirrel's behavior—preparing for the approaching winter by bulking up on food. With a touch of humor, she portrayed him as a diligent worker, and this guy clearly takes his work very seriously.

“I love nature. I love animals,” Zak said. “I know they’re just trying to survive.”

plump rodent Source: ERIN ZAK

Erin Zak realized that the joy and entertainment brought by the plump rodent outweighed any frustration over her chewed decorations.

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