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Hagrid The Scary-Looking Cat Turns Out To Be The Most Adorable Giant Ever

Meet Hagrid, the giant fluffball affectionately known as 'Haggy Bear' by his devoted fans. This lovable black cat, complete with an endearing snaggletooth, had a bit of a bumpy ride in the adoption.

Hagrid’s Fate Took A Turn

Hagrid’s Fate Source: pokeypotpie

However, as the saying goes, finding the perfect match can transform your life, and that's precisely what happened to Hagrid.

Hagrid's journey to his happily ever after was no walk in the park. It all began in a rural shelter in Maryland, where he patiently awaited his forever home for what felt like an eternity—two long years, to be exact.

Then fate took a turn. Rescuers from Washington, D.C., noticed him and instantly fell in love. They were determined to give him and a group of other feline friends a brighter future.

Hagrid’s Fate Took A Turn Source: pokeypotpie

Despite their initial plans, the road to Hagrid's adoption had a few bumps. Another foster had intended to take him in first, only to change their mind due to Hagrid's imposing size. Concerned that his appearance might intimidate other rescue cats, they hesitated.

However, Hagrid, with his gentle and kind nature, quickly disproved any misconceptions. He turned out to be the nicest cat ever and deserves better treatment.


New Home Of Hagrid

New Home Of Hagrid Source: pokeypotpie

Hagrid found a temporary home at the Playschool for Wayward Kittens, where he formed a special bond with resident kitties Pokey and Dora.

"About 3 weeks into fostering him, Dora cozied up to him and asked for snuggles. She hadn’t done that with Pokey or any other foster since our last cat, Azzy, had passed away a year earlier. And that’s how we knew we had to adopt him," the fosterer said.

Hagrid's nurturing qualities extended beyond his love life, as he proved to be an excellent foster dad to young kittens. His attentive care and watchful eye ensured the safety and well-being of the little ones.

Playschool for Wayward Kittens Source: pokeypotpie

The kittens, in turn, benefited greatly from Hagrid's presence. Learning essential "cat things" from an experienced adult feline is a crucial part of their development and preparation for adoption.

According to the rescuer, "Within two weeks of arriving, Dora was snuggling her sweet self into his shaggy fur, and Pokey was happily playing with him. Hagrid also took our foster kittens immediately and was meant to stay forever."

While the charm of adopting cute, young kittens is undeniable, there are significant benefits to adopting a socialized adult cat. These cats already have established behaviors and personalities, making the adoption process smoother and more predictable.

Haggaversary Source: pokeypotpie

Hagrid's rescuer emphasizes the wonderful experience of adopting an adult cat like him. Unlike kittens, whose personalities are still evolving, adult cats already have well-established personalities, providing a clearer understanding of what to expect.

Initially meant to be a temporary resident, Hagrid's rescuers couldn't resist his charming personality. They decided to make him a permanent member of their family and make him part of the faculty.

Being the first adult cat they adopted, Hagrid proved to be an excellent choice, bringing immense joy and love into their lives. They now celebrate the annual "Haggaversary" to commemorate the special bond they share with this extraordinary feline companion.


Happy Ending

Hagrid is currently living his best life, surrounded by a loving family that truly cherishes him. Beyond being an affectionate foster dad to numerous kittens, including those with special health needs, he assists them in navigating life's challenges.

When he's not indulging in fostering or cuddling sessions with his feline companions, Hagrid showcases his happiness as the most delightful biscuit-maker you'll ever encounter.

For a daily dose of Hagrid's enchanting escapades and to witness the heartwarming work he does for others, you can follow him on Instagram. This sweet, furry soul continues to spread joy and warmth through his remarkable adventures.

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