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Tearful Farewell Between Lion And His Rescuer After 20 Years Together, No One Can Hold Back The Tears

This is the story of Jupiter the lion and his emotional farewell to his rescuer after 20 years together. This heartbreaking story will undoubtedly make you cry.
Villa Lorena Animal Refuge Source: Juan Forero

Ana Julia Torres is the dedicated caretaker of the Villa Lorena Animal Refuge, which houses a variety of creatures. She is responsible for four lions, nine Bengal tigers, jaguars, cougars, a crocodile, a speckled bear, an ostrich, Jocko the chimp, spider monkeys, and hundreds of beautifully colorful birds.

However, unlike any other, this refuge shelters vulnerable animals that have endured the cruel scars of abuse. "They're lame, or have lost limbs; they're blind, or can't focus, or have lost an eye," she said.

life was a real rollercoaster Source: Juan Forero

For Torres, the connection she shares with her family runs deep. "I have two human children, and the rest of my children are 800 animals—some clawed and some very hairy, but all of them wonderful," she declared.

Despite caring for many animals, Ana's best friend is Jupiter the lion. His life was a real rollercoaster, but not the fun kind.

Los Caimanes Zoo Source: Juan Forero

Circus folks were treating him like a punching bag, even yanking out his claws! Then she pulls him away from his circus nightmare. Jupiter, on the other hand, developed a full-on phobia of human touch. He had entirely lost faith in people.

Until he was taken care of by Anna Julia, this fear disappeared. However, the healthy lion was sent to the Los Caimanes Zoo in Monteria. Her reported lack of necessary documents to keep the lion is the main reason Jupiter was removed from Anna Julia's care.

Unfortunately, Jupiter quickly lost weight and got quite ill while in the zoo. His rapid weight loss had made him unwell.

He was moved to the Cali Zoo for treatment. The vets in here worked tirelessly to nurse Jupiter back to health.

terminal liver cancer and anemia Source: Juan Forero

As veterinarians researched the cause of Jupiter's health problems, they found he was suffering from terminal liver cancer and anemia. Despite the heartbreaking truth, the vets fought tooth and nail to ease Jupiter's pain.

Then, Jupiter got a chance to see his beloved Ana Julia one last time. It was a reunion filled with unspoken goodbyes.

Jupiter was unable to win the struggle against liver cancer Source: Juan Forero

Finally, he was unable to win the struggle against liver cancer and passed away in 2020. We believe Jupiter may have left, but his memory lives on. It was a heart-wrenching farewell to a strong soul who had fought a far more powerful opponent.

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