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  1. Where Is Mai Now & Her Plans For The Winnings?

Squid Game: The Challenge Episode 10 Finale - Where Did The Winnings Go?

OMG! Squid Game: The Challenge has finally come to an end, and we now know who the casual winner of $4.56 million is. Obvious spoilers ahead!
Source: YouTube
The final episode of Squid Game: The Challenge dropped on Netflix (Thursday, December 7th), bringing Mai, Phill, and Sam to the forefront for the last challenges. After triumphing over games like Circle Of Trust and Glass Bridge, the trio faced a decisive moment. In a cruel twist of fate, the first elimination came down to a random button press.
Sam was the first to exit, choosing the elimination button in a sequence where each player pressed a button, determining their fate: elimination, the power to select a challenger for the final showdown, or a neutral option.
Following Sam's departure, Mai and Phill engaged in a tense game of Rock, Paper, Scissors to win the keys unlocking the safe containing the coveted $4.56 million. Mai emerged victorious, securing the winnings. 

Where Is Mai Now & Her Plans For The Winnings?

Mai win squid game the challenge Source: Google Images
According to Netflix, "besides the winnings, little else has changed" in Mai's quiet life after winning the show. The 55-year-old retired immigration adjudicator has returned to Virginia, spending quality time with her husband, their two dogs, and their 12-year-old granddaughter. 
Mai invested in an intricately beaded, black velvet Ralph Lauren gown for the upcoming Squid Game: The Challenge press tour. "I couldn't help it," she admitted to Netflix. "But that's about as frivolous as I want to go."
Currently, the money is being utilized for home renovations, including the dream of building a small dock for a boat. Yet, Mai envisions a broader impact, expressing her desire to use the winnings to address issues close to her heart: people, animals, and climate change.
"My heart is with people, animals, and climate change," she shares regarding her plans for the winnings. "If we continue what we're doing, there won't be a future for all the little kids growing up right now." The finale not only unveiled the winner but also offered a glimpse into Mai's post-Challenge life and her intentions for the prize money.
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