How Squid Game Season 2 Can Be A Disaster For The Series

If Gi-Hun isn't actively working to bring down the organisation in Squid Game season 2, the finale of Squid Game season 1 would not only be worthless but will also disrespect the show's purpose. After finishing a call with the Front Man, Seong Gi-Hun exited an aircraft with a determined expression on his face in the closing scene of Squid Game season 1. It meant that he had abandoned a one-way flight to be with his beloved child Cho Ah-in, instead of fighting for the survival of future participants. However, this is just conjecture. If Squid Game season 2 does not follow the salvation arc that it set up, the series will contradict the fundamental notion that made it so successful in the first place.
nullSquid Game was an international sensation that received widespread acclaim for its stinging remark on increasing economic vulnerability in the context of widening income inequality. This criticism was addressed via the character of Gi-Hun (Lee Jung-Jae), a jaded parent who was laid off from the business where he'd worked his entire life. Unable to find a steady job and faced with mounting debt, Gi-Hun agreed to put his life in danger by taking part in a dangerous hidden tournament hosted by the affluent elite and based on childhood games in the hopes of winning and financially supporting his child.
nullAfter the competitors chose to quit the games, Gi-Hun was offered the opportunity to withdraw from the severe violence, but the attraction of Squid Games' 45.6 billion won prize lured him to rejoin, together with the majority of the other participants. When the great majority of the candidates were shown reconvening to carry on playing, their desperation resonated with Netflix viewers all over the globe. The candidates did not want to put their lives in danger, but they thought that winning was the only way for them to survive in an unjust society. This discovery prompted Gi-Hun to decline a reunion with his child at the end of Season 1. The closing scene implied that he would return to the Games to prevent them from abusing their defenseless victims.
nullThis cliffhanger finale, unfortunately, risks contradicting Squid Game's message about the poor's financial difficulties. If Gi-Hun does not participate in the Games especially to end them, his actions will contradict whatever feeling of urgency he had in season 1 to care for his child. This would undermine Squid Game's claim that only the despairing would put themselves through such ordeals to overcome an unequal structure.
nullGi-Hun was a kind person who struggled for his life to provide for his family throughout Squid Game. He has several endearing characteristics that compelled audiences to care for him. Selflessness, on the other hand, is not among them. He didn't want to hurt anyone, but he wasn't willing to give up his life to protect others. In Squid Game episode 6, he even took advantage of Oh Il-Nam's (Oh Yeong-Su) dementia to save his own neck.
nullOnly after the Games were over did Gi-Hun begin to exhibit traces of altruism. He kept his commitment to save Kang Sae-byeok’s (Jung Hoyeon) brother, stopped the Games' Salesman (Gong Yoo) from luring more targets, and gave up a reunion with his kid to oppose the Games' manipulation of the laboring class's misery. Gi-Hun would never have challenged the authority of the Games at the start of the series, but the slivers of selflessness Gi-Hun is shown at the conclusion reveal a side of him who could.
nullGi- Hun's resolve to fight a structure that has benefited from the laboring class's despair created a notion that has yet to be extensively explored: hope. Squid Game drew audiences in by depicting the protagonists' economic difficulties, with apparently just one way out. The candidates' distress was heightened by the affluent elite's attitude of them as expendable, there for amusement, with the wealthy's money cushioning them from any suffering. Gi- Hun's resistance to this choice suggests that alternative possibilities exist, as long as his desire does not waiver in Squid Game season 2.
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