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  1. Mai, Sam, And Phill All Have Encountered Various Challenges On 'Squid Game: The Challenge'
  2. Mai Is The One Who Takes Home With The Final Prize

Squid Game: The Challenge Episode 10 Recap: Who Claimed The $4.56 Million Prize?

Squid Game: The Challenge has gone from 456 contestants to just one winner, who went home with $4.56 million. The series, based on the Korean Netflix drama Squid Game, premiered in November, 2023. Like the original, it has contestants facing physical and mental challenges for a shot at the prize money, but without the deadly consequences. The latest episodes revealed the three finalists: Sam Lantz (016), Mai Whelan (287), and Phill Cain (451). They faced various challenges, leading to the finale where the ultimate winner emerged.

Mai, Sam, And Phill All Have Encountered Various Challenges On 'Squid Game: The Challenge'

Squid Game: The Challenge Episode 10
In the early episodes, Mai, Sam, and Phill weren't the focus on camera, but they later proved to be standout players in the game. Despite facing challenges like the difficult dalgona shape assignment, they survived. They also navigated interpersonal challenges well by forming strong bonds with other players.
All three finalists were saved during a dormitory test in episodes six and seven, reducing the player count. Mai, Phill, and Sam formed connections that helped them stay in the game. Mai stood out as a ruthless player, targeting others for elimination based on their performance. In the circle of trust challenge, she even eliminated her closest ally.
During the same challenge, Phill emerged as the MVP, correctly guessing his attacker and eliminating the final contestant. Sam played a steady role, mediating conflicts and strengthening his bond with Phill. As they headed into the finale, Mai's actions made her a wildcard, keeping the outcome uncertain.

Mai Is The One Who Takes Home With The Final Prize

Just like in "Squid Game," the final contestants wrap up with a formal dinner, but it's not just for conversation. The three remaining players face a crucial decision with three buttons. Green saves the player, allowing them to choose another finalist to advance; grey has no effect, and red instantly eliminates them.
Mai volunteers to press the first button, and it turns grey. Sam pushes the next, revealing a red button that leads to his elimination. Phill and Mai mourn his loss, but Mai confesses that she had actually hoped Phill would be her final opponent.
After a restless night, the two move on to play the titular squid game, only to discover they'll be doing something completely different.
The field is set up for the Korean children's game, but Phill and Mai discover they'll be playing rock, paper, scissors instead. Winning a round lets them choose a key from a box, and if it opens the safe at the top of the field, they win the whole game.
After several rounds and many key attempts, Mai successfully opens the safe, revealing a golden credit card. She shares in tears:
"Today just validates that anything is possible. Even when you feel down and afraid, you have to pick yourself up, be a strong person, and focus. Whatever your fear is, fight it with everything that you've got, and you can accomplish anything. And it's proven tonight."
'Squid Game: The Challenge' concludes with a montage of the other contestants, reminding us that even after losing, the rest of the cast is alive and well. Then, of course, it cuts to Mai inputting her golden card into an ATM that displays a balance of $4.56 million.
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