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Smart Dog Wins Hearts In Interaction With Her Owner – See How She Stole The Show!

Have you ever wondered if animals know the human language? There are many times we say to them and it seems like they understand every word we say.
On May 27, 2023, TikTok user thechattylab shared a video of her dog and it took the internet by storm and captured the hearts of millions.
In the video that's just under a minute long, Copper, a cute dog, possesses an uncanny ability to communicate her desires through a set of buttons. The video showcases Copper's longing to go to the "outside pool," and the charming interaction between Copper and her owner.
Take a look!

Copper's Desire To Go To The Pool

Copper's Desire To Go To The Pool Source: thechattylab
The TikTok video begins with Copper staring intently out the window. Her owner, intrigued by her behavior, inquires, "Copper, what is it?"
The clever dog responds by pressing the button labeled "Outside Pool." The conversation between owner and pet takes a humorous turn as they engage in a playful back-and-forth.
Copper, it seems, is eager to take a dip in the pool, but her owner gently denies her request, stating that it might happen "later." Copper, felt really bad with the refusal, presses the button "sad," expressing her disappointment.
It's heartwarming to witness the dog's grasp of these buttons, allowing her to communicate her emotions effectively.

The Internet's Love for Copper

The Internet's Love for Copper Source: thechattylab
The comment section of the video is filled with adoration for Copper and her clever communication skills. TikTok users from all around the world can't help but express their affection for this endearing pup:
Kim_esty suggests, "Cancel all plans. Copper wants to go swimming. Seems fair to me."
Clare humorously agrees, "I'll quit my job and be Copper's full-time pool supervisor!"
Desireegatten adds, "You let that baby in the pool right now!"
Lori Chancey jokingly adds, "I would have canceled all of my plans. Quit my job. Can't handle the guilt. ????."
Many people are fascinated by the dog's intelligence:
TikTok user jessica_ferencz0 points out, "She really knows how to work that sad button."
Molly Ponfil appreciates Copper's intelligence with a simple "so smart."
Some feel sad for Copper when she couldn’t go to the pool:
TikTok user Jennae expresses her sympathy for Copper with a heartwarming comment, "I'm sad for Copper ???? ????," to which the owner responds, "She'll be ok, I promise! ????????."
Jenn W playfully chimes in, "You broke her heart! ???? ????," to which the owner responds with a lighthearted tone, "Awww sometimes she has to wait. ????."
Copper's story and the TikTok video that immortalized her charming interaction with her owner have undoubtedly touched the hearts of many.
The comments on the video demonstrate the deep connection people feel with Copper's emotions and her unique ability to express herself.
Now, we'd like to hear from you! What do you think about Copper and the video? Do you think the owner made the right call, or would you have given in when Copper pressed the "sad" button? Share your thoughts, and let's celebrate the enduring bond between humans and their beloved pets.
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