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  2. It’s Unusual To Encounter A Buck In Velvet
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Teen Hunter Bags Rare 'Cactus Buck' With Velvet Antlers – See The Photos!

One cool October morning in southwest Oklahoma, a 17-year-old hunter named Major Edmonds had an amazing experience during the youth hunting season. He was out hunting with his great-grandfather on the edge of a milo field when he shot a deer. Quickly, he approached the deer, and he spotted a sight he'd never imagined in all his years of hunting.
More than 200 yards away, there was a truly unique deer that was unlike any he'd ever seen before. That made his hunting experience forever etch itself into his memory.

Teen Hunter Encountered A Truly Extraordinary Deer

Teen Hunter Encountered A Truly Extraordinary Deer Source: major_edmonds11
It wasn't just the immense size or the majestic antlers that caught his attention, but the fact that, well into late October, the deer still retained its full velvet coat.
Instead of the usual well-defined points on its antlers, this buck's rack was adorned with peculiar knobs, and there was a bulbous outgrowth on the end of its right main beam. Major had encountered what is known as a "cactus buck."
Unusual Buck Source: major_edmonds11
The 17-year-old hunter couldn't hide his amazement when recounting the moment, saying, "We keep cameras out, but we’ve never seen anything like this. We didn't even know this buck existed." He went on to describe how he had spotted the unique deer before the break of dawn, positioning himself well within shooting range as the first light of day emerged.
"When he stepped out that morning at 260 yards, we could just see solid black over his head," Major recalled. "That's when we knew he was different than any other deer."

It’s Unusual To Encounter A Buck In Velvet

It’s Unusual To Encounter A Buck In Velvet Source: major_edmonds11
Even though Major was an experienced hunter in this part of southwest Oklahoma, he had never come across a deer with velvet-covered antlers before. He said this was a rare sight because the hunting season in Oklahoma starts later than in many other places. So, it's not common to find deer with bucks in velvet this late in the year.
Major expressed his excitement about this unique hunting opportunity, saying, "We don't get a chance to kill them in velvet because our season starts so late around here. That's why I was so excited to get this one. I've heard about cactus bucks and seen photos of a few, but nothing that crazy with all the trash."

Cactus Buck

The term "cactus buck" might seem strange to many, but it refers to a male deer that has soft velvet antlers all year long.
According to the Oregon Department of Fish & Wildlife, this peculiar condition is often the result of testicular trauma, undescended testicles, or a disease that affects the blood flow to them.
In the case of Major Edmonds' deer, he noticed that the deer's testicles were significantly smaller than normal, possibly even completely absent. "At the time I killed it, we didn't even know what to look for," Major admitted. "Maybe he only had one, or maybe they just never dropped at all."
Have you ever spotted a cactus buck before? If yes, share pictures of it in the comments below!
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