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Prettiest Zodiac Signs: Who Are The Model Industry's Stellar Picks?

The model industry standards have shaped our perception of beauty for decades, defining each era by the iconic types of models it has produced. From Gemma Ward's "doll" look to Cara Delavigne's "grunge" vibes, Kate Moss's "heroine chic" appeal, and Gisele Bündchen's "glamazon" aura, every era has had its defining star. But could astrology have a role to play in this narrative as well? 
In this blog, we delve into the captivating world of astrology and high fashion, categorizing the "prettiest zodiac signs" based on industry insights for both males and females. Discover which signs are deemed the standard by industry experts right here.

Female Models: And The Top 5 Prettiest Zodiac Signs Are...

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Winner: Libra 

Naturally, Libra takes the top spot in a prettiest zodiac signs list. Guided by the enchanting touch of Venus, Libra is the epitome of balance and charm. Libra’s cover-winning features are their captivating, large round eyes and a smile that not only lights up the room but also tugs at your heartstrings, perhaps adorned with a subtle dimple. Libra models effortlessly emanate an aura of natural elegance, their symmetrical features akin to the revered Golden Ratio that underpins the essence of timeless beauty. Dive into the enchanting world of renowned Libra models like the captivating Monica Bellucci, the effortlessly chic Bella Hadid, and the timeless beauty Candice Swanepoel.
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Runner Up: Taurus 

Taurus, also ruled by Venus, radiates a luxurious and sensual aura, making them some of the sexiest models, and is the runner up in our prettiest zodiac signs list. Most Taurusians are blessed with irresistible full lips, big and soft eyes, velvety skin, and curves that exude sheer glamour. Their earthly sensuality captivates with a magnetic presence that lingers on the runway. In the world of fashion, Taurus's blend of luxury and comfort creates an inviting, warm style that envelops like a lavish embrace. Consider the stunning Gigi Hadid, the timeless Miranda Kerr, and the iconic Linda Evangelista, and witness how Taurus's sensual allure, guided by Venus, crafts an enduring appeal in high fashion and modeling.
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3rd Place: Leo  

Leo models commands attention with confidence, charisma, and a radiant allure in the modeling world. Ruled by the Sun, most Leos have a signature: their lustrous, gorgeous mane. Other notable features are their aura, which exudes confidence, and a unique and impeccable sense of style. Their impeccable sense of style sets trends and ignites conversations. Think of the captivating Cara Delavigne and the timeless Kate Moss, and recognize how Leo's fiery charisma, guided by the Sun, creates an unmistakable allure in high fashion and modeling.
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4th Place: Gemini  

Blessed by Mercury, aka Hermes, Gemini ranks within the prettiest zodiac signs due to their versatility and personality. Gemini, playfully guided by Mercury, have an expressive charm that sets them apart! Imagine models with eyes that sparkle like the stars, complemented by delightfully mobile features that effortlessly convey a range of emotions. Their slender, graceful build elegantly complements the world of haute couture, while their distinctive long limbs add a touch of ethereal grace to their every stride. Look at Heidi Klum, Adriana Lima and especially the iconic Naomi Campbell, a true embodiment of Gemini's expressive spirit, with one of the best walks of all times, according to Anna Wintour.
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5th Place: Scorpio  

Scorpio, influenced by Mars and Pluto, casts a spell of mystery and intense allure in anyone they encounter. It's no surprise Scorpio's gazes are intense, due to their magnetic eyes. They're also known to be strikingly beautiful with eagle-like eyes, heavy-lidded eyes, sharp features, a fair skin tone, and average height. The texture of their hair is more on the thick side. Just look at supermodels Kendall Jenner, Tyra Banks and Gemma Ward, can you see Scorpio's mysterious allure and seductive gaze piercing into your soul? 

Models: Here Are The Top 5 Prettiest Zodiac Signs!

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Winner: Leo

Being bless by Apollo, the epitome of male beauty, Leo male models take the top spot in the male ranking of the prettiest zodiac signs. Leo male models, often paralleled with Apollo, exude a radiant confidence and command attention with their striking features. Similar to their female counterparts, Leo men often boast a magnificent head of hair, eyes that reflect their inner strength, and smiles that exude warmth and assurance. Notably, their broad shoulders are a signature trait, indicative of their ability to carry significant weight and their robust muscular system. Reflecting the lion's noble stance, their upper body exudes a commanding presence. The likes of River Viiperi, Daniele Carettoni, and Jude Moore epitomize Leo's fiery charisma, akin to the splendor of Apollo, solidifying their esteemed status in the fashion industry.
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Runner Up: Aries 

Aries, ignited by the fiery planet Mars, endows the fashion industry with dynamic and masculine presences. Aries men are often characterized by strong noses, flashing smiles, and eyes brimming with eagerness, occasionally accompanied by reddish hair or a rosy complexion, mirroring their fiery nature. Known for their broad shoulders and a muscular frame with slim hips, Aries risings embody a distinctive physicality. Mark Vanderloo and Brad Kroenig are exemplary of how Aries' dynamic masculinity and Martian energy carve an unmistakable path in the world of high fashion and modeling, establishing them as an influential force on and off the runway.
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3th Place: Scorpio 

A Scorpio man could easily be the most handsome man in the world, which makes them a natural contender in a prettiest zodiac signs ranking. Scorpio, influenced by Mars and Pluto, casts a spell of mystery and intense allure in anyone they encounter. Often, Scorpio men have a healthy fair complexion, beautiful soft hair, and a medium height. These men are generally tall and they have a strong body. Their gazes are piercing, and they are blessed with sharp and prominent cheekbones, and a sensuality that lingers from their lips. Also, you can't ignore their strong broad shoulders and athletic build and their intense sex appeals. Notably, the likes of Baptiste Giabiconi, Simon Nessman, and Nick Bateman have all exemplified how Scorpio's mysterious allure and seductive charm.
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4th Place: Sagittarius 

Physically speaking, Sagittarius men are very strong, tall or very tall in most cases, with full and open features, often smiling lips, and thick hair. Sagittarius, guided by the expansive Jupiter, have athletic builds that reflect their active lifestyle, captivating bright eyes that convey their vibrant enthusiasm,  very open faces and smiles that radiate charm and warmth. Sagittarius models also have a defined mouth and expressive eyes that often exude a charismatic aura that makes them instantly likable. Notably, the likes of Jordan Barrett, Tyson Beckford, and Pietro Boselli have exemplified how Sagittarius' adventurous charisma and Jupiter's influence can make top mles models.
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5th Place: Libra 

You just know Libra will show up in any "prettiest zodiac signs" list! Male Libra models exude attractiveness and youth. Their graceful movements often accompany a slender physique, complemented by a round to oval face, a well-defined nose, and a complexion that radiates good health. Under the influence of Venus, the planet of love and beauty, Libra men embody the essence of balance and aesthetic harmony in physical appearance. These men, typically tall and exceptionally handsome, enchant with their seductive eyes, a complexion that can range from fair to tanned, and perfectly symmetrical foreheads, enhancing their strong, athletic bodies. Icons like Matthew Noszka and Robert James-Collier epitomize how Libra's grace crafts some of the most beautiful men to ever grace the fashion industry.

Conclusion: Which Zodiac Signs Are The Prettiest?

what zodiac sign is the prettiest
The results are in: the prettiest zodiac signs are Libra and Leo, for female and male models respectively! In the modeling industry, each zodiac sign subtly shape the industry with their alluring physical traits. Although concrete scientific evidence is absent, the prevalence of such traits among models hints at a potential correlation, evoking the celestial dance between heavens and earth.
Yet, zodiac sign isn't the defining factor on what makes someone beautiful. Reflecting on iconic supermodels, Christy Turlington and Cindy Crawford, both are supermodels, captivate with their signature Aquarians expressive gaze, while David Gandy adds a Piscean soulful charm to the industry's diverse allure. In summary, all signs are beautiful, and just because yours isn’t here, doesn’t mean you aren’t! Embrace your unique traits and let your inner beauty shine, for in the tapestry of the cosmos, every thread is essential, every sign an exquisite piece of the universal puzzle.
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