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  1. 5th Place: Capricorn
  2. 4th/3rd Place: Gemini
  3. 4th/3rd Place: Leo
  4. Runner Up: Virgo
  5. The Unlucky Winner: Aries

Top 5 Most Likely To Fumble in Finance This Week: (21st To 27th January, 2024)

Forget the Midas touch, because this week, from 21st to 27th January, 2024, the cosmos are serving up a menu of financial fumbles for some zodiac signs. While others bask in the golden glow of Jupiter's blessings, these five unlucky souls might be finding themselves with more empty pockets than overflowing wallets. So, grab your cosmic helmets and buckle up for a rollercoaster ride through the financial wilderness!

5th Place: Capricorn

Top 5 Most Likely To Fumble in Finance 21st To 27th January, 2024 Capricorn
◆ Abundance Scores: 3/5
Ambition's your middle name, Capricorn, but this week, Venus in your wanderlusty 9th house might have you dreaming of beachfront mansions instead of budgeting for that leaky roof. Saturn, the party pooper, is lurking in your social 11th house, potentially delaying that juicy raise or stalling your side hustle. Focus on realistic goals, Capricorn. Trade "get rich quick" schemes for slow and steady climbs, and remember, your friends are your support team, not your piggy bank.
 Prediction: Channel your inner sherpa, Capricorn. Scale realistic financial peaks instead of chasing Everest-sized dreams. Secure that raise with a stellar presentation, not an impulsive side hustle. Remember, Saturn rewards patience, not shortcuts. Don't let your social circle pressure you into risky investments – they're your support team, not your ATM.

4th/3rd Place: Gemini

Top 5 Most Likely To Fumble in Finance 21st To 27th January, 2024 Gemini
 Abundance Scores: 2.5/5
Your witty words and lightning-fast mind are usually your financial aces, Gemini. But this week, Mercury and Mars have teamed up in your money house, playing a chaotic game of spend-spend-spend! Venus, meanwhile, is hiding in your shadowy 8th house, whispering about hidden debts or unexpected bills. Slow down, Gemini! Do your research before clicking "buy," and remember, sometimes the best investments are in self-control, not impulsive purchases.
 Prediction: Think twice before you click "buy," Gemini! Research with your head, not your heart, and avoid the siren song of online scams. Remember, delayed gratification is sweeter than instant ramen noodles. As for Venus in the shadows, embrace transparency with partners – hidden debts are not the foundation for a healthy financial future.

4th/3rd Place: Leo

Top 5 Most Likely To Fumble in Finance 21st To 27th January, 2024 Leo
 Abundance Scores: 2.5/5
Your creative fire is burning bright, Leo, and Jupiter's spotlight in your playful 5th house could have you dreaming of monetizing your artistic passions. But Saturn, the pesky taskmaster, is lurking in your workaholic 6th house, reminding you that dreams need discipline to turn into gold. Hone your skills, Leo, put in the hard work, and remember, even masterpieces need practice before they pay the bills.
 Prediction: Unleash your artistic fire, Leo, but don't forget the fuel – hard work and dedication. Saturn wants to see your hustle, not just your talent. Collaborate with mentors, hone your skills, and remember, overnight success is usually just a well-crafted illusion.

Runner Up: Virgo

Top 5 Most Likely To Fumble in Finance 21st To 27th January, 2024 Virgo
 Abundance Scores: 2/5
Your meticulous nature is a financial asset, Virgo, but this week, Uranus, the cosmic chaos gremlin, is shaking things up in your self-image house. Unexpected changes at work or career disruptions could have your spreadsheets going haywire. Stay grounded, Virgo! Focus on routine and practical solutions, and remember, even detours can lead you to unexpected financial opportunities. Just keep your spreadsheets organized, okay?
 Prediction: Embrace the unexpected, Virgo! Uranus might throw a wrench in your plans, but it could also open doors to hidden opportunities. Stay adaptable, focus on practical solutions, and remember, sometimes the best spreadsheets are the ones that can handle a little chaos.

The Unlucky Winner: Aries

Top 5 Most Likely To Fumble in Finance 21st To 27th January, 2024 Aries
 Abundance Scores: 1.5/5
Your can-do spirit is infectious, Aries, and Venus in your chatty 3rd house could have you networking your way to financial success. But Uranus, the hidden trickster, is lurking in your shadowy 12th house, potentially throwing communication curveballs or delaying your deals. Be clear and direct in your words, Aries, avoid misunderstandings, and remember, sometimes the best deals take a little longer to simmer.
Prediction: Slow down your charm offensive, Aries! Clear communication and patience are your allies. Don't jump into deals without due diligence – Uranus might be hiding some asterisks in the fine print. Remember, your fiery spirit is a powerful asset, but it needs a steady hand on the financial reins.
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