Daniel Felix Figaro is a writer known for his unique blend of humor and storytelling. With a penchant for sarcasm and a fondness for decaf coffee, he has transformed his love for words into both a career and a fulfilling 8-hour daily hobby. While his writing skills may not earn him a Nobel Prize for Literature, his work is infused with his distinctive personality and wit. Join Daniel on a literary journey where coffee is decaf, but the tales are crafted with precision, one clever line at a time!


Daniel, a self-taught writer, transitioned from contributing to small digital newspapers to establishing a successful full-time writing career.

His journey began in the world of freelance writing, where he leveraged his talent to transform mundane news into engaging narratives. With a keen sense of humor and a dash of personality, Daniel breathed life into even the most ordinary headlines.

Recognizing his potential, Daniel made the bold decision to transition into full-time writing, where he continues to create content characterized by sharp wit and insightful storytelling.


With a decade of experience in the writing field, Daniel has explored a wide range of niches, including some concealed by contractual obligations. His journey reflects a commitment to excellence and a passion for infusing his work with personality and humor.

Starting as a freelance writer, Daniel contributed to various blogs, maintaining a discreet profile. While the specific publications remain confidential, his writing significantly enriched their content.

Daniel's expertise spans diverse areas:

Daniel specializes in investigative journalism, where he thrives on dissecting complex issues and debunking myths. His approach involves adopting a deadpan style to present facts objectively, ensuring that the truth prevails in an era of misinformation. With a commitment to thorough research and a dedication to uncovering the hidden aspects of a story, I strive to bring clarity and understanding to my readers.

In addition to his journalistic pursuits, our Daniel has a deep passion for crafting supernatural and horror stories. This creative outlet has earned him a reputation as a captivating storyteller in the genre, with tales often sending shivers down the spines of those who dare to read them. With every horror story he unearthed, readers were chilled to their bones. 

Beyond journalism and storytelling, his profound interest in entertainment, especially music and movies, allows Daniel to provide insightful critiques that go beyond the surface. His reviews are often infused with my signature humor, offering a unique perspective that keeps readers engaged and entertained. Daniel is dedicated to exploring the diverse facets of the entertainment world and sharing his perspectives with others who share the same passion.

The AUBTU.BIZ Team, alongside author Daniel Figaro!