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  1. Least Fortunate: Pisces
  2. 2nd-to-Last-Place: Scorpio
  3. 3rd Place: Aquarius
  4. 4th Place: Cancer
  5. 5th Place: Virgo

Love Struck Out: Top 5 Zodiac Signs Not-So-Love-Lucky This Week (January 21st-27th)

This week, from January 21st to 27th, 2024, the path to true love looks more like a drunken walk through a corn maze than a moonlit stroll through a rose garden. Expect dead ends, detours, and maybe even a tumbleweed or two. But hey, who knows what hidden gems you might stumble upon along the way! Embrace the wrong turns, laugh at the awkward encounters, and remember, sometimes the most unexpected path leads to the most unexpected love. So, who are the top 5 most unfortunate in love zodiac signs this week?

Least Fortunate: Pisces

Top 5 Zodiac Signs Not-So-Love-Lucky This Week Pisces
Ratings: 6/5
Neptune, your ruling planet, dances with Venus in your dreamy 5th house, blurring the lines between fantasy and reality. While this can lead to intense emotional connections, it also breeds idealism and confusion. Be wary of getting swept away by rose-colored glasses, Pisces. Misunderstandings and unrealistic expectations could cloud your judgment. Instead, focus on grounding your emotions and communicating clearly to avoid love-based daydreams crashing into reality.
Prediction: Take a deep breath, Pisces. Slow down the romance roller coaster. Channel your intuition to discern genuine connections from mere fantasies. Instead of diving headfirst into an emotional whirlpool, seek emotional clarity and realistic communication before casting your heart's anchor.

2nd-to-Last-Place: Scorpio

Top 5 Zodiac Signs Not-So-Love-Lucky This Week Scorpio
Ratings: 5/5
Passion burns hot, but so does jealousy, Scorpio! Mars sizzles in your sign, amplifying your desires and possessiveness. While this can make you irresistibly magnetic, it also risks turning relationships into power struggles. The Moon's opposition to Mars on January 24th could trigger emotional outbursts. Remember, Scorpio, trust is the cornerstone of love. Let go of controlling tendencies and embrace vulnerability to navigate this week's love maze.
Prediction: Channel your intensity into passionate pursuits, Scorpio, not emotional battles. Trust your partner and allow space for individuality. Use the Moon's opposition as an opportunity for honest communication and deeper understanding, not a catalyst for drama. Remember, love thrives on trust, not control.

3rd Place: Aquarius

Top 5 Zodiac Signs Not-So-Love-Lucky This Week Aquarius
Ratings: 4.5/5
Freedom rings loud in your heart, Aquarius! Uranus, your ruling planet, dances with Mars in your 7th house of partnerships, urging you to break free from conventional relationship norms. While this can bring exciting encounters with unconventional souls, it also risks creating distance and commitment-phobia. Remember, Aquarius, true love doesn't require sacrificing your individuality, but it does call for compromise and open communication.
Prediction: Embrace your unique spirit, Aquarius, but don't let it be a wall around your heart. Explore unconventional connections, but don't shy away from building deeper bonds. Use the Mars-Uranus trine to ignite exciting conversations and shared adventures, but remember, love isn't just about individual freedom, it's also about creating a shared world together.

4th Place: Cancer

Top 5 Zodiac Signs Not-So-Love-Lucky This Week Cancer
Ratings: 4/5
Emotions run deep, Cancer, but so do your insecurities. The Moon, your ruling planet, navigates sensitive transitions this week, potentially triggering emotional vulnerability and fear of rejection. While this can lead to passionate connections, it also risks clinging to relationships out of fear of being alone. Remember, Cancer, your emotional depth is your superpower, not your weakness. Embrace your sensitivity with confidence and let go of the need to control.
Prediction: Nurture your emotional well-being, Cancer. Pamper yourself, connect with loved ones, and practice self-love. Don't let insecurities cloud your judgment or lead you to settle for less than you deserve. Trust your gut and open your heart to genuine connections that nourish your soul.

5th Place: Virgo

Top 5 Zodiac Signs Not-So-Love-Lucky This Week Virgo
Ratings: 4/5
Mercury, your ruling planet, joins forces with Mars in your 6th house of daily routines, turning your love life into a mental chess game. While this can lead to analytical assessments of potential partners and meticulous planning of relationships, it also risks overthinking and emotional detachment. Remember, Virgo, love isn't a math equation. Let go of the need to control, embrace spontaneity, and allow your heart to guide you.
Prediction: Step away from the spreadsheets, Virgo! Focus on enjoying the moment instead of analyzing every detail. Be open to playful banter, unexpected encounters, and letting your emotions flow freely. Remember, love doesn't always follow logic – sometimes, the most beautiful connections blossom when you least expect them.
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