‘A Tea Party?’: Adorable Pandas Eat And Chill On Table Like Humans, Video Goes Viral

Months after people speculated that bears in a Chinese zoo were actually humans in costumes, a video showing pandas sitting and eating like humans in Chongqing Zoo has made viewers suspicious once again.

A delightful video from Chongqing Zoo in mainland China has captured the attention of viewers worldwide. In the footage, four pandas exhibit endearing behavior as they walk over to a table, take seats in chairs, and proceed to enjoy a meal.

However, the video sparked a mix of wonder and skepticism on social media.

While many viewers found the pandas' actions adorable, some expressed doubts about the authenticity of the scene.

"Sure, it isn’t someone in panda suits," one user commented.

Another added, “This video just reinforces my theory that pandas are actually humans in panda suits. That’s not a real animal.”

“I wouldn’t even be mad if it was someone in a suit. At least that’s another bear free,” a third chimed in.

panda suits Source: Shutterstock

However, speculations emerged, with humorous suggestions that people might be dressed in panda suits.

“That’s pretty damn good sitting at the end of the clip, [it] does it exactly how bears do. It would be hard for a man to sit back like that,” wrote one.

This playful video brings to mind a previous incident involving a Malaysian sun bear named Angela, who was seen standing perfectly on her hind legs.

Both experts and the zoo confirmed that Angela is indeed a genuine sun bear.

Following that incident, the zoo experienced a significant increase in visitors, with a reported 30% boost, welcoming around 20,000 people daily.

fake zoo animals Source: Shutterstock

The idea of fake zoo animals, including allegations of dogs painted as wolves and donkeys disguised as zebras in China, is a matter treated seriously.

In 2009, the Taipei Times in Taiwan published a satirical April Fool's Day article playfully suggesting that two pandas gifted to the Taipei Zoo by the Chinese government were actually brown forest bears painted to look like pandas. Then, the zoo responded vehemently to the prank.

The public's reaction Source: Shutterstock

The public's reaction serves as a reminder of the delicate balance between amusement and skepticism when it comes to animal behavior in captivity. It underscores the need for transparency and assurance from authorities to address concerns and maintain trust in the authenticity of zoo experiences.

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