Owners Get Shocked To See Their Dog’s Drastic Haircut After Grooming Salon Visit, Video Goes Viral

Brewster, the adorable miniature goldendoodle, recently underwent a transformation at the grooming salon that left his owners, Bree and her husband from Washington, astonished. He went from a fluffy furball to a virtually hairless pup after a visit to the grooming salon.
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Owner Bree, 33, from Washington, explained the reasons behind Brewster's dramatic makeover. The main reason is fleas. Despite trying everything possible, the couple was still struggling with the fleas, leading them to the approach of shaving both of their dogs as a last resort.

Bree and her husband were taken aback by Brewster's transformation. It was never meant for him to be shaved so short. The guard ended up being way shorter than we thought," she said.

Brewster's unexpected haircut became a source of amusement for everyone, except perhaps the dog himself.

"When my husband told me to come look at the status of the hair, I was shocked at how different he looked. I couldn't stop laughing, but I also felt bad because he looked so silly and almost seemed embarrassed. He looked like an entirely different dog," she added.

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Brewster's fur was shaved on October 16th and has subsequently grown back. Even after several weeks, his fur isn't back to its previous glory.

The haircut was an attempt to combat a recurrent flea problem. Flea season normally lasts from spring to summer to fall, and in certain areas, such as the Pacific Northwest, they can survive all year.

To prevent and control fleas, the Washington State Department of Health recommends various preventive measures, including regular washing of pet bedding, thorough and frequent cleaning, and maintaining well-trimmed lawns. These efforts can contribute to keeping both pets and homes flea-free.

Brewster's transformation Source: lazyb123

With the before-and-after photos, Bree decided to share Brewster's ordeal on TikTok, where it has gained over 45 million views since October 30.

Brewster's surprising and amusing makeover went viral after his owner, Bree, published the before-and-after photos on TikTok. The post soon gained over 45 million views since October 30.

Bree expressed, "I actually laughed when I first noticed he got 900 views because, for us, that was a lot. I didn't log back in for a few days because I forgot about the post entirely. I was shocked when I logged back in and saw it had 1 million views. I never thought it would get to 1 million, let alone 40+ million."

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The internet community joined in on the fun, with viewers sharing their reactions to Brewster's change.

"The fact they actually look like that underneath all the fur makes me laugh," wrote Tigerthrifts, while I.Dont.Have.A.Name added: "He was once a Doodle; now he's a Chihuahua."

"That is a whole other dog," posted another viewer. Others joked about the strand of hair that had been left on his chin.


With over 19,000 followers on their TikTok, his owner Bree keeps the audience engaged with regular updates as Brewster's fur progressively comes back.

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