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Momma Dear Hears 5-Week-Old Baby Crying In Yard And Jumps In Right Away

Hey, did you know that breastfeeding moms often produce milk when they hear any baby crying, not just their own? It's kind of interesting, right? Motherly instincts are miraculous, and that's exactly why this video of a mama deer rushing to comfort a crying human baby is just so sweet.

In New Lexington, Ohio, Hanna Burton shared a TikTok video capturing an amusing meeting between her and a concerned momma deer. The video, with the caption "When you almost have to throw down with a momma deer because your baby starts crying outside," quickly went viral, gathering more than 27 million views and 7 million reactions.


It was while Burton and her 5-week-old son, Charlie, were enjoying some outdoor time on their deck. Charlie was lying on fluffy blankets during tummy time when he started to fuss. And while Burton comforted him, a deer suddenly appeared, bounding towards the deck.

Though Burton was surprised and thought this scene was hilarious, she calmly picked up Charlie and told the deer, "No, no. This one's my baby. It's not yours."

Dear jumps in yard hearing 5-week-old baby crying. Source: Hanna Bush

"Hi, mama!" she added as the deer arrived. Burton also shared that the deer frequently stops by their yard with her two fawns, so she knew this frequent visitor pretty well.

"She thinks you're her baby," Burton later explained to Charlie.


People are heart-melting by what happened in the video, and there are thousands of words left in the comment section. Some are pretty hilarious:

"She was ready to name that baby Tarzan and raise it on her own."

"She's like, 'Oh you got this? You don't need my help? I'm just gonna hang out over here then.'"

"The fact that your baby understood the assignment and stopped crying."

"So you're telling me I can use a baby as a deer call?"


We beg that Charlie's cries sounded like a distressed fawn, so it probably triggered the protective mama deer to dash over. It’s both funny and lovely at the same time, right? It's such a wonderful example of maternal instincts going beyond species boundaries.

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