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  1. Jackpot: Sagittarius
  2. Runner Up: Taurus
  3. 3rd Place: Leo
  4. 4th Place: Pisces
  5. 5th Place: Cancer

5 Signs Who Are Super Blessed By Lady Luck This October 2023, Ranked!

Get ready to ride the cosmic wave this October 2023! With Jupiter and Saturn hitting reverse gears, luck's been playing hard to get. (Thank the stars Mercury's not in on the retrograde action!)
While Jupiter's retrograde might slow down big plans, it's a chance to fine-tune strategies. Saturn's backward spin could bring up past lessons for growth. Amid this celestial shake-up, there's good news for five lucky signs. Brace yourselves for an epic stroke of luck!

Jackpot: Sagittarius

Luck Horoscope October: Sagittarius
Hey there, Sagittarius! Brace yourself for an extra dose of cosmic luck this month. With Jupiter setting up camp in your 9th house and Venus sprinkling some charm in your 11th house, get ready for some thrilling adventures and delightful social connections. But wait, there's more! Vesta's presence in your 5th house might just ignite a spark of creative inspiration, leading to some exciting artistic endeavors or even a passionate romance on the horizon.

Runner Up: Taurus

Luck Horoscope October: Taurus
Looks like luck is knocking on your door this month, Taurus. With Venus enhancing your 2nd house and Jupiter blessing your 6th house, expect a bountiful harvest of financial stability and professional opportunities. Oh, and don't forget the added touch of cosmic nurturing from Ceres in your 4th house, bringing a sense of emotional abundance and domestic harmony to keep you cozy and content.

3rd Place: Leo

Luck Horoscope October: Leo
Hey, Leo! Get ready to bask in the spotlight of cosmic favor this month. With the Sun radiating its glow in your 5th house and Jupiter amplifying your 1st house, expect an outpouring of creative energy and personal growth. And wait, there's more! With Juno's supportive presence in your 10th house, your professional endeavors might just receive an extra touch of cosmic harmony, leading to successful collaborations and a touch of charming diplomacy in your career pursuits.

4th Place: Pisces

Luck Horoscope October: Pisces
Pisces, get ready to deep dive into a pool of cosmic magic this month. With Neptune casting its ethereal spell in your 12th house and Venus gracing your 10th house, expect a wave of creative inspiration and professional recognition that might just feel like a dream come true. And don't forget the subtle nurturing touch of Ceres in your 8th house, fostering emotional depth and intimate connections that bring a sense of profound fulfillment and mutual understanding.

5th Place: Cancer

Luck Horoscope October: Cancer
Dear moonchild, cosmic blessings are on the menu for you this month. With Jupiter expanding your 2nd house, expect a wave of emotional and financial stability that might make you feel like you're sailing on calm, prosperous waters. But hold on, there's more! Vesta's comforting presence in your 7th house might just bring a cozy sense of partnership harmony and creative collaboration, fostering a deeper sense of emotional security and mutual support.
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