Host Of TV Show Brings Joy To Shelter Puppy By Buying Everything She Touches

Rocky Kanaka, the TV host behind 'Dog's Day Out,' has dedicated his life to making a difference for dogs in need. His show goes beyond Entertainment, serving as a lifeline for shelter dogs by helping them find forever homes.
Freddie Mercury Source: Rocky Kanaka

In February, Rocky's innovative approach to dog adoption garnered global attention. He took a shelter dog to a store, promising to purchase everything the dog touched. The video quickly went viral, leading to the fortunate dog's adoption.

Buoyed by this success, Rocky embarked on a sequel, featuring Freddie Mercury, a small dog with special needs, in a delightful shopping spree adventure.

Freddie's journey is nothing short of miraculous. Rescued from a trash pile, she endured multiple broken bones and severe malnutrition. To add to her difficulties, she had two sets of teeth, making eating a challenge.

she was saved and had surgery Source: Rocky Kanaka

Fortunately, she was saved and had surgery. Eventually, she found a caring home with her foster mom, Angela, who chose to adopt her.

Rocky wanted to celebrate Freddie's new life, so he took her on a special shopping spree with her adoptive mom, Angela.

“When I see a dog like Freddie and how hard she fought to survive, I feel like she should be taken out for the best day ever,” Rocky expressed.

he picked out a cozy doggy bed Source: Rocky Kanaka

Freddie, with her keen instincts, picked out a cozy doggy bed that perfectly fit her size.
But here's the sweet part: Freddie wasn't the only lucky one that day. Rocky also invited Bosco, another shelter dog, to join in the shopping fun.

As Freddie had some difficulty walking, Bosco took charge and made most of the shopping decisions. Together, they picked out items that both he and Freddie could enjoy, including a massive toy that dwarfed little Freddie!

Freddie and Bosco Source: Rocky Kanaka

Freddie and Bosco had a great time picking out stuff during their shopping spree. They chose water bowls, yummy treats, and lots of toys, savoring every moment of their fun day out.

Rocky planned a sweet moment where Bosco got to choose a bowl for Freddie. Then, Bosco went for a pretty pink one, matching Freddie's taste perfectly.

both dogs got hungry Source: Rocky Kanaka

After their fun shopping spree, both dogs got hungry. Rocky treated them to puppuccinos, a tasty treat that Freddie especially enjoyed.

To wrap up their amazing day, Rocky took Freddie and Bosco to the park. There, they enjoyed the freedom of open spaces and the refreshing outdoor air. This embodies the spirit of Rocky’s mission to give them the best day ever, filled with joy, companionship, and exploration.


Freddie's story shows how strong and resilient she is. Her always-present smile is like a symbol of her triumph over challenges, inspiring everyone who witnesses her amazing transformation.

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