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‘Escape Artist’ Tortoise Found In Florida Found After Being Missing For Over 3 Years

In this article, we will discover the incredible journey of a resilient tortoise, missing for over three years, found crossing a Florida road by police officers. Unveil the twists as the story unfolds, leading to an unexpected reunion with her family.

Clearly You Ain’t From Around Here

Clearly You Ain’t From Around Here Source: PUTNAM COUNTY SHERIFF'S OFFICE

Florida police officers became unexpected heroes when they intervened to rescue a tortoise attempting to cross a busy road. Little did they know that this tortoise was no ordinary wanderer but an escaped pet missing for over three years.

The Putnam County Sheriff's Office shared the tale of the tortoise's adventure on Facebook, aptly titled "CLEARLY YOU AIN'T FROM AROUND HERE," hoping to reunite the critter with its owner.

"Earlier today, our deputies came across an unusual-looking tortoise attempting to cross SR 20 in Interlachen," the post read. The officers discovered that it was an African Sulcata, typically native to the southern edge of the Sahara Desert. The quest to find the rightful owner of this long-lost tortoise added an unexpected chapter to the officers' daily routine.


He Is Definitely Someone's Tortoise. Why?

He Is Definitely Someone's Tortoise. Why? Source: PUTNAM COUNTY SHERIFF'S OFFICE

The sheriff's office wrote that Florida's Wildest Animal Refuge agreed to take "our large friend." The refuge agreed to shelter it while efforts were underway to trace its owner.

Wildlife experts at the refuge shared insights into the behavior of this particular species, highlighting their reputation as escape artists capable of digging out of enclosures.

"He is definitely someone's tortoise, as he likes people and head pats," the authorities shared on social media, asking the creature's owner to come forward—and for some help identifying the reptile's sex.

Despite garnering attention as a potential pet, the sheriff's office clarified that the tortoise was not up for adoption unless positively claimed.


A Surprising Twist


However, as fate would have it, the owner emerged, solving the mystery and revealing that the African Sulcata had been missing since 2020. The saga concluded with an update proclaiming, "Owner found! This really was an escape artist," the update read. "Our African Sulcata went missing in 2020!"

In a surprising twist, the adventurous tortoise turned out to be a resilient female, as revealed in the latest update: "Yes, we found out he is actually a she!"

The missing tortoise, who endured the challenges of cold winters away from her family, was discovered not far from her home, though in a "little rough shape."


Backstory Of “Escape Artist”

Backstory Of “Escape Artist” Source: PUTNAM COUNTY SHERIFF'S OFFICE

Florida's Wildest Animal Refuge, which temporarily took care of the missing tortoise, shared a bit more backstory about the "escape artist" on Sunday.

"A truly unbelievable story; it just goes to show you to never give up hope!" the refugee wrote in a Facebook post.

The refuge shared that, after the sheriff's office's post gained widespread attention, someone forwarded a post about a similar-looking tortoise that went missing from the same area in April 2020.

Upon careful comparison of photos, it was confirmed to be the same tortoise, having been missing for an astonishing 3 1/2 years, and found just 5 miles away from her original escape point.

In a heartening resolution to the tortoise's remarkable journey, Florida's Wildest Animal Refuge provided an update on her condition.


"She is in a little bit of rough shape from spending so many cold winters here without heat, but she will be okay, and we recommended a trip to the vet."

"What a happy ending!" the post concluded. "We are so happy we were able to assist in reuniting her with her family!"

The tortoise's story, filled with twists and turns, serves as a testament to the endurance and survival instincts of these remarkable creatures.

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