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Emaciated Dog Nearly Dies After Being Abandoned On Balcony For 3 Weeks Without Food And Water

On October 24, investigators from Harris County Pct 1 Constable Alan Rosen's Office responded to an abandoned dog call. Immediately, an animal cruelty investigator teamed up with Houston SPCA and raced to the spot with a rescue mission.
What they found was heartbreaking Source: Office of Constable Alan Rosen

What they found was heartbreaking—an emaciated dog stuck on a balcony three floors up. Turns out, this poor dog had been left alone outside for a whopping three weeks. No food, no water, just the loneliness of being abandoned when the owners vacated the property.

Other people in the buildings spotted the neglected dog and notified local authorities. They threw food up to her, and some even climbed a ladder to reach the balcony, giving a little relief to the hungry pup.

“The dog was reported to be on the balcony for at least three weeks but started to show severe emaciation recently. The dog was then removed by a seizure warrant and transported to the Houston SPCA for medical evaluation,” the police station wrote on Facebook.

Houston SPCA Source: Office of Constable Alan Rosen

Even though all of her ribs were visible, indicating she was extremely hungry after being left alone, her spirit remained strong as the tiny dog willingly went with the rescuers.

She is being cared for by the Houston SPCA and will hopefully recover completely. Although the investigation is still underway, officials stated that "once completed, it will be handed over to the Harris County District Attorney's Office."

People were really outraged when they heard about this cruelty. The community hoped the folks who made the pup suffer would face charges that matched what they did.


Grizzy's Hood News, spreading awareness and making a change, shared an update with the caring folks who supported the case.

“UPDATE! Yesterday, some guardian angels went up on a ladder to feed the pup and give it water. When they went up there, it was noted that the poor dog was surrounded by feces and was underweight.

"An investigation with local law enforcement is underway, and the SPCA picked up the dog today! Thank you to all the Hood News Peeps who helped get the word out and made this happen."Grizzy's Hood News stated.

The plea in the final lines Source: Office of Constable Alan Rosen
The plea in the final lines was a reminder to keep an eye out and speak up when an animal needs help. They depend on us to be their voice. For more amazing stories about animals, visit AUBTU.BIZ now!
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