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  1. The Pup Was Found In Severe Condition
  2. The Whole Process Of Helping Him Was Challenging
  3. The Challenging Task Of Removing All The Tangled Mats Began
  4. The Boy Was Dangerously Obese

You Won't Recognize This Dog With Lion-Like Mane After Losing 5 Pounds Of Fur!

At Española Humane (EH), encountering matted dogs is sadly not uncommon, especially when longtime stray animals find their way to the shelter.
However, a recent arrival presented a case that shocked even the most seasoned staff members. This pup's severe condition was unlike anything they had encountered before.

The Pup Was Found In Severe Condition

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Mattie Allen, EH's director of communications, vividly recalled the moment they laid eyes on this neglected canine. She shared, “It took my breath away when I saw him. The only way we could tell which end was which was because we could see his mouth.”
Local animal control officers found the dog in someone's yard, where he had been confined to a small crate for a prolonged period.

The Whole Process Of Helping Him Was Challenging

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As soon as they took him to EH, the caring staff members immediately sprang into action to help this hapless soul. However, it was a daunting task.
They did their best to make him comfortable within the limitations of his circumstances, but fear had overtaken him to the extent that he wouldn't allow anyone to get close.
"He was absolutely terrified because he couldn't see, and everything hurt," Allen explained. "It was like every centimeter of his skin was just screaming in pain."
Determined to provide relief, one staff member found a way to help him without causing further pain or stress. Carefully, they brought him to the operating room and then sedated him.

The Challenging Task Of Removing All The Tangled Mats Began

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"I think it took about an hour to shave it all off," Allen said. “It was 5 pounds of fur, which is mind-boggling when you think about how much fur would be in there to weigh that much.”
When he woke from his procedure, the dog, later christened Giuseppe, must have felt like an entirely new being. He had spent so long without sight that his senses were overwhelmed by the sudden and drastic change.
"It was like he was in sensory overload because he couldn't see for so long," Allen shared. "He's been very quietly sitting on his bed, just taking things in."

The Boy Was Dangerously Obese

But Giuseppe's challenges didn't end with the removal of his fur. The vet team discovered that he was dangerously obese due to hypothyroidism, which had significantly slowed his metabolism. This weight gain was now affecting his ability to move and breathe comfortably.
Giuseppe's journey to healing is far from over, but the folks at Española Humane remain steadfast in their commitment to his well-being.
“He just needs time and love,” Allen said. “And we feel very fortunate to be able to give him that.”
Although Giuseppe isn't quite ready for adoption into his forever home, the compassionate team at Española Humane remains confident that this day will eventually arrive.
While parting with him will stir mixed emotions, they eagerly look forward to the day when this resilient pup finds a loving family where he can truly thrive, a well-deserved and heartwarming outcome.
How does Giuseppe's remarkable journey and transformation make you feel? Share your thoughts on this heartwarming story of resilience and compassion.
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