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Caught! Moment Escaped Circus Lion Safely Back At Home After Wandering Streets Of Italian Town For Hours

Kimba the lion was found hours after he made a daring escape from Rony Roller circus in Ladispoli, a seaside town near Rome, on Saturday 13 November. This gripped the community's attention over the weekend.
KImba the lion Source: Michele Galvani

Mayor Alessandro Grando took to Facebook to deliver the update: “The lion has been sedated and captured. It will now be handed over by the circus staff.’ Grando wrote.

“I thank the State Police, the Carabinieri, the Fire Department, the local and provincial police, the Asl [Local Health Authority], and all the volunteers who served during these hours of great apprehension.”

Grando also voiced his hope that this escapade would awaken collective awareness about this problem. “I hope that this episode will stir some conscience and that we can finally put an end to the exploitation of animals in circuses,” he expressed.

the lion escaped from Rony Roller Circus Source: Michele Galvani

Mayor Alessandro Grando took to social media to alert residents after the lion managed to break free from the confines of the Rony Roller Circus. He also stated that operations to bring the lion home were taking place with the help of law enforcement.

The video of the lion roaming the streets was shared on social media by shocked residents following the escape.

One resident, taken aback by the unexpected encounter, shared a video of the lion sauntering down an empty road at night. This person captured the scenes of Kimba strolling down residential roads and glancing curiously at the camera-wielding witnesses.


In another clip, Kimba confidently sauntered down a sidewalk, unfazed by passing cars and even crossing roads between parked cars as a police car followed behind.

Despite concern over the lion, Rony Vassallo, an animal handler from the Rony Roller circus, reassured the public that Kimba posed no threat during his escape, emphasizing that the lion remained calm even in an unfamiliar environment.

“He met with people in an environment he wasn’t used to, and nothing happened,” Vassallo said.

Vassallo also expressed concern that, in the heat of the moment, someone would damage the lion out of fear or overeagerness because the lion did not have the instinct to attack a person.


The situation was even more perplexing, as Vassallo had checked the lock on Kimba's cage just an hour before the incident. It is suspected that the lion made his escape after a lock was broken on his cage in "sabotage."

Mayor Alessandro Grando confirmed the suspicion and announced an ongoing investigation into the circumstances of Kimba's escape, underscoring the need to prevent harm to both the residents and the lion.

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