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Chevy Chase Resident Nearly Touched Bear He Mistook For Neighbor's Dog

The tranquil suburban nights of Chevy Chase had unwittingly become a stage for a bear's nocturnal escapades, turning routine encounters with Ovi, a dog of a neighbor, into unexpected, heart-pounding moments of wildlife proximity. What are you waiting for? Scroll down to check it out now.

Unexpected Visitor In Backyard

Unexpected Backyard Visitor Source: nbcwashington

In the quiet suburban enclave of Chevy Chase, Maryland, an unsuspecting homeowner had a heart-stopping encounter with an unexpected visitor. On a Wednesday night near the intersecting realms of Woodlawn Road and Spring Valley Road, the resident, who preferred to remain anonymous, was drawn outside by an unusual noise in his backyard.

He approached the source, mistaking it for his neighbor's dog, Ovi, on the other side of the fence, blissfully unaware of the impending surprise.

He found himself mere inches away from an animal he thought was Ovi, ready to extend a friendly pet. It was a moment suspended in confusion until reality dawned—this was not a dog, but a bear. The homeowner swiftly retreated indoors, urgently prompting a call to the local authorities to report the unexpected backyard visitor.


Who Is Unexpected Guest?

Who Is Unexpected Guest? Source: Google

The saga unfolded as Lee Miller, another resident in the vicinity, received the startling call. "He said, ‘Lee, there’s a bear in your backyard. I’m not kidding,’” recounted Miller.

The homeowner explained how he had approached and discovered the formidable presence of a bear, just inches away. He said, ‘So, I walked out there thinking it was Ovi or you guys had another guest dog, and I reached over the fence to pet him, and he turned his head, and it was a bear.’ And he’s, like, literally, like, 6 to 12 inches.”

Unbeknownst to them, their bird feeders and a water fountain had been the subject of nightly visits. The incident was initially dismissed as raccoon mischief but took a wild turn as the bear returned each night, toppling bird feeders and finding solace in the branches of a tree for its nocturnal naps.


Reactions Of Residents

Reations Of Residents Source: nbcwashington

Not far from the heart of Kensington, a suburban neighborhood buzzing with routine activities, an unexpected visitor has stirred both curiosity and concern. A black bear, making its presence known on two consecutive days, has transformed the tranquil streets into a wildlife spectacle.

A surveillance video saw it rifling through trash cans, indulging in a midnight feast of discarded refuse on Monday night. The following day, residents were surprised to spot the bear once again, this time sauntering through the yards of Culver Street.

This residential drama, just a few blocks away from the bustling Beltway, has ignited a wave of caution among locals. Ian Velinsky, a resident of Culver Street, confessed to altering his nightly routine, opting to forgo his dog walks until the bear's presence was resolved.

The unease extends beyond individual households, with messages and warnings flooding the neighborhood's communication channels.


“I was just about to step outside, and I read the text that said, 'There's a bear in your front yard. 'So I stopped, I came back inside, and then, you know, we went crazy because we have a lot of pets and we wanted to make sure everyone was inside and accounted for," said resident Andrea Heyl.

At Holy Redeemer Elementary School, where Heyl teaches, students found themselves on "bear watch," turning an ordinary school day into an unexpected lesson in local wildlife. The sheer size of the bear has elevated the sense of urgency, with residents like Heyl expressing a desire for a resolution that ensures the bear doesn't become a regular visitor.

For Ian Velinsky, the presence of a black bear in such close quarters raises concerns about safety. He advocates for intervention by the county, suggesting that the bear should be captured and relocated to a more suitable habitat in north Montgomery County.

Brian Eyler from the Maryland Department of Natural Resources provides insight into this unusual situation, attributing the bear's proximity to the Beltway to its potential following of a water source like Rock Creek. Eyler advises residents along Beach Drive to take precautions, bringing in bird feeders and outdoor food to deter the bear from lingering in the vicinity.

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