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‘Can Hear Them Sawing’: Little Kid Was Shocked As Brisbane Backyard Slaughter Tent

A group of men have upset their vegan neighbors by butchering sheep and goats in their suburban backyard, horrifying a young girl who had named the animals. One neighbor said she had not been able to go outside since she heard sawing noises coming from the slaughtering area of the fence. What happened? Scroll down to check them out now.

An Unexpected Scene Of Butchery

An Unexpected Scene Of Butchery Source: Google

In the suburban of Moorooka, Brisbane, a little girl's idyllic world was shattered when her neighbor turned his backyard into an unexpected scene of butchery.

Sheep and goats, once bestowed with names by the child, met a grim fate in a slaughter tent. The disconcerting aftermath unfolded before the little girl's eyes, as she peered from her bedroom window into a backyard transformed into an unsettling tableau.

While home slaughtering is legal in Queensland, the community stands divided on this contentious issue. The act has stirred emotions among animal-loving locals, leaving many disheartened by the stark reality behind a suburban fence.


A Vegetarian And The Distressing Sight

A Vegetarian And The Distressing Sight Source: Google

For Vanessa Carmody, she has not been able to go outside since the disquieting sounds of 'sawing' from behind the fence.

She is a resident and vegetarian and finds herself grappling with the audible repercussions of her neighbor's backyard butchery. These sounds evoke an internal conflict that might make her consider moving home.

'I'm vegetarian, people next door are vegetarian. I don't push my beliefs on others but you can hear them sawing the animals up,' she said.

She said the distressing sight of a fleeing sheep, a desperate escapee from this makeshift slaughteryard. And then, witnessing a man carrying the sheep back, legs dangling as it hangs upside down, only deepens the disquiet.

Vegan resident Catherine expressed dismay over blood seeping into adjoining backyards. Despite their concerns, reaching out to the RSPCA has yielded no tangible action without evidence of cruelty.

backyard Source: Google

Six properties are believed to face into the yard, which has been turned into a makeshift slaughter yard with pens.

According to Safe Food Queensland home, home slaughterings are allowed without a license 'under limited conditions'. The butchered meat must be eaten on the premises where it is killed and cannot be sold or traded. It cannot even be given away to anyone who doesn't live on the property.


Users On Reddit's Reactions

reactions of users on reddit Source: Google

One neighbor took to Reddit to question the ethics of a suburban sheep slaughter, seeking solace in the anonymity of the online community.

'A neighbor is slaughtering sheep in their backyard. I don't think money is changing hands. I just find it quite unpleasant and don't see why it needs to happen in a suburban backyard... maybe there are religious practices that I don't understand' he wrote.

Some rally behind the neighbor, citing support for the practice, and emphasizing the importance of humane methods. Others delve into cultural nuances, shedding light on practices rooted in religious beliefs.

'It’s amazing how many people have no understanding of the journey from farm to plate. Your neighbor cares about serving their family high quality, fresh food,' A user wrote.


But one person said it's not to the act of butchering but to the intrusion of mortality into the familiar rhythms of domesticity.

'We don't want things killed near us,' they wrote.

'I'll happily go to a farm and see a cow get butchered or even help, but I don't want the cries of a cow being slaughtered waking me up on a Sunday morning in my suburban home. I don't like the idea of that. I'm not in the head space to hear to picture that at home.'

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