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This Blue and Green Seal Luckily Gets Rescued After Separation With Mom During Storm

You wonder why his color is so strange, right?

In late September, Seal Rescue Ireland received a call from a citizen who spotted an alone baby seal pup on Ennereilly Beach during a storm. As soon as the rescue team realized the baby seal's condition was not good and that she would not be able to survive without her mother's help, they immediately took her into their care.

“She had a swollen eye and was extremely weak,” Kathy Baker Walsh, marketing and media manager at Seal Rescue Ireland, shared. “It was likely she was separated from her mum during Storm Agnes and had been weakened from the experience. Pups at this age are not equipped to swim and their lanugo fur is quite heavy, and they do not have the swimming muscles to swim long distances, so she was very lucky to have been found.”


Later, after arriving in the rescue's care, Caragh Lake quickly caught attention for her unusual blue and green appearance. It’s perhaps gonna be the strangest color you could ever see in a seal.

However, Walsh later clarified that the coloring wasn't natural but a result of a disinfectant and antiseptic solution called chlorhexidine, which is used to treat wounds.

“We use a disinfectant and antiseptic solution called chlorhexidine to clean cuts, abrasions and wounds, along with manuka honey and antibiotics when needed,” Walsh said. “This is safe for animals and is sprayed on and is a greenish blue color. Caragh's umbilical wound was sprayed to prevent infection, and as seal pups move around a lot, it tends to spread all over! Which is why she is so green! As soon as her wound heals, she will be back to normal seal color!”


Despite her challenging start, Caragh is now flourishing under the care of her rescuers. Initially quiet and calm, she is gradually displaying a feisty and independent spirit, indicating that she is having a positive recovery.

“Grey seals are quite feisty, and so we are seeing slowly that this young pup has a good fighting spirit and is becoming louder and more assertive, a great sign of recovery,” shared Walsh.


You know what? Although the funky blue-green fur is kinda cool, Caragh would likely prefer her usual color. And despite the tons of love and care she's getting at Seal Rescue Ireland, she still needs the chance to head back to the ocean, where she truly belongs.

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