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  1. #1. Jeffrey Dahmer Real Polaroids Pics Of His Victims
  2. #2. Jeffrey Dahmer's Victims Timeline
  3. #3. Jeffrey Dahmer Victims Timeline

Jeffrey Dahmer Victims Timeline, Jeffrey Dahmer Real Polaroids

Searching for the Jeffrey Dahmer victims timeline and Jeffrey Dahmer real polaroids pics of his victims? The actual polaroids that Jeffrey Dahmer took of his victims were one of the horrible pieces of evidence that the police found in his home when they executed the search warrant. According to the documentary Dahmer - Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story, which can be streamed on Netflix, Jeffrey Dahmer allegedly snapped thousands of horrifying polaroids of the dead bodies of his victims.

He was taken into custody as a direct consequence of discovering these polaroids. After Tracy Edwards escaped from Jeffrey Dahmer, the police went to his residence and arrested him after finding incriminating polaroid photos hidden in a drawer in the bedroom of the serial murderer. The drawer was located in Jeffrey Dahmer's flat. Following Dahmer's apprehension, the authorities thoroughly searched his home and found several horrific artifacts there, including human skulls and severed genitalia, among other things.

#1. Jeffrey Dahmer Real Polaroids Pics Of His Victims

Jeffrey Dahmer Real Polaroids Pics Of His Victims Source: Getty Images

The Polaroid images ended up being the smoking gun that led to the arrest of Jeffrey Dahmer. If those images hadn't been found, it's possible that Dahmer would have evaded capture the entire time. This is a strong possibility. Even though Dahmer had a criminal past and had been the subject of multiple public complaints about his behavior, the police had never examined him or his apartment before Tracy Edwards reported him in 1991. This was the case even though Dahmer lived there at the time.

Jeffrey Dahmer Real Polaroids Pics, Jeffrey Dahmer Autopsy Photo Twitter

Jeffrey Dahmer Real Polaroids Pics Of His Victims
74 Polaroids were throughout the search. Most of them were from Dahmer's apartment while he was there. Some photos were of his victims while they were still alive, but most were of their dead body parts, often posed in sexual ways. The photos were in a book in the house's attic where the murders occurred. After the pictures were found, the police called for help and went to Dahmer's fridge, where they found the severed head of an African American man.

After the investigation, Dahmer's kitchen included four severed heads, while his bedroom contained seven skulls. Both of these items were in Dahmer's residence. He kept two human hearts and a piece of arm muscle during this time in his refrigerator. In addition, he had a portion of an arm. His freezer included a human body in its whole, as well as a bag containing human organs and bits of human meat scraps. In addition, there was a bag containing human meat scraps. Don't miss these best action movies in recent times.

#2. Jeffrey Dahmer's Victims Timeline

Jeffrey Dahmer Victims Timeline
In other areas of Dahmer's apartment, the authorities found two whole skeletons, two severed hands, two severed penises, a mummified scalp, and an acid drum that contained three torsos. Additionally, they uncovered two severed penises. In addition to it, they found a scalp that had been mummified. Later, Dahmer claimed that he had cooked and eaten bits of his victims and added that he was accumulating the skulls to make an altar. Dahmer also said that he had cooked and eaten pieces of his victims. In later years, Dahmer claimed that he had cooked and consumed pieces of his victims.

 According to the American Journal of Forensic Medicine and Pathology, Jeffrey Dahmer took the Polaroid images to "keep him company" and to ensure that he would have something to reflect on in the future that would be meaningful to him. Also, you may have an interest in these five most cold-blooded family annihilator cases so far.

#3. Jeffrey Dahmer Victims Timeline

Jeffrey Dahmer Victims Timeline

In 1992, a jury determined that Jeffrey Dahmer was responsible for the deaths of a total of 17 individuals, and they subsequently sentenced him to 16 separate terms of life imprisonment. Christopher Scarver, a fellow detainee at the Columbia Correctional Institution, was the one who fatally shot him in the year 1994. Christopher Scarver was the one responsible for his death.


June 18, 1978: Steven Hicks, 18
November 20, 1987: Steven Tuomi, 24
January 16, 1988: Jamie Doxtator, 14
March 24, 1988: Richard Guerrero, 25
March 25, 1989: Anthony Sears, 26
May 20, 1990: Raymond Smith (also went by "Ricky Beeks"), 33
June 1990: Edward W. Smith, 28
September 1990: Ernest Miller, 22
September 24, 1990: David C. Thomas, 23
February 18, 1991: Curtis Straughter, 18
April 7, 1991: Errol Lindsey, 19
May 24, 1991: Anthony "Tony" Hughes, 31
May 27, 1991: Konerak Sinthasomphone, 14
June 30, 1991: Matt Turner, 20
5, July, 1991: Jeremiah Weinberger, 23
July 15, 1991: Oliver Lacy, 23
July 19, 1991: Joseph Bradehoft, 25 
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