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  1. #1. Dr Phil Jeffrey Dahmer Case Show: Updated News

Dr Phil Jeffrey Dahmer Case Show: Updated News

Searching for information about Dr Phil Jeffrey Dahmer case show? Here we go! During Dr. Phil's conversation with Lionel Dahmer, Jeffrey Dahmer's father, Dr. Phil and his crew discovered "a treasure trove of facts and insights," according to Dr. Phil's comments to Inside Edition.

Jeffrey Dahmer was a cannibal killer, and Dr. Phil is delving into his twisted psyche to shed some light on it. A previously unseen interview with Dahmer's father, Lionel, is included in the third and final part of Dr. Phil's three-part documentary on the serial murderer.

#1. Dr Phil Jeffrey Dahmer Case Show: Updated News

Dr Phil Jeffrey Dahmer Case Show Source: Dr. Phil

"When I initially heard about it, I couldn't wrap my head around how he ended up being that far along the continuum. Lionel shares with Dr. Phil his belief that "I mean, we're all on a spectrum, we all do awful things, and we all sin." "He represented the polar opposite end of the spectrum. At first, I was very baffled as to how he could have been capable of doing those things.

During the discussion that Dr. Phil had with Dahmer's father, he and his team discovered what they call "a treasure trove of facts and insights," according to what Dr. Phil told Inside Edition. And even though Lionel Dahmer was taken aback by his son's criminal behavior, according to Dr. Phil, the serial killer's father was not taken aback by the fact that Jeffrey Dahmer was unique.


"He understood that his preoccupation with these dead animals and dissecting them was not normal, but he acknowledges that he missed warning indications," he adds. "He missed warning signs because he was so focused on these dead creatures and dissecting them."

Dr Phil Jeffrey Dahmer Case Show

In the hit Netflix series about the serial killer, Lionel Dahmer is shown instructing his son, who is a child at the time, in the craft of taxidermy. Dr. Phil's special airs in the wake of this series and comes after it. The implication is that Dahmer's behavior may have been influenced by the fact that he conducted experiments on deceased animals at an impressionable age.

Dr. Phil also talks to the sister of one of Dahmer's victims, famous for delivering an impassioned speech against the serial killer when he was sentenced in 1992. When you looked him in the eye, did you sense that there was something else there? Dr. Phil puts the question to the woman. "That I was face to face with Satan himself," she responds. "That was the most terrifying part."

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