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  1. #1. Jeffrey Dahmer Victim That Got Away: Tracy's Still Under Trauma

Jeffrey Dahmer Victim That Got Away: Tracy's Still Under Trauma

Searching for information about Jeffrey Dahmer victim that got away? Here we go! Tracy Edwards, still with one hand cuffed behind his back after escaping from Jeffrey Dahmer's fetid flat after four hours, walked the streets of Milwaukee asking for help. He eventually hailed down a police cruiser and brought them back to the flat where serial killer Jeffrey Dahmer, known for killing and dismembering 17 victims between 1978 and 1991, was apprehended.

After surviving the event, Edwards spent time drifting from homeless shelter to homeless shelter. It was almost exactly 20 years to the day that he narrowly avoided death in Dahmer's lair that he was arrested for attempted murder.

#1. Jeffrey Dahmer Victim That Got Away: Tracy's Still Under Trauma

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In 2011, Edwards admitted to tossing a guy from a bridge in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, and he served a little over a year and a half behind bars for the crime. Paul Ksicinski, his defense attorney, told PEOPLE that his former client had told him that he would "never" be the same after what happened to him in 1991.

Constantly, a neighbor called the police to report suspicious activity involving Jeffrey Dahmer. She tried to warn them, but no one paid attention. "Back when the case was going on, I compared it to the classic Humpty Dumpty poem where he sat on the wall and was pushed over with this and could never get his pieces back together again," Ksicinski said. "He simply cannot. It was much too upsetting."

According to Ksicinski, Edwards lost his home after Dahmer was arrested, and he is "still experiencing nightmares" about his time spent with the serial killer even now, 20 years later. Dahmer (Evan Peters) picks up Edwards (Shaun J. Brown) at a homosexual club and takes him back to his apartment, where he takes pictures of him and watches a movie with him, which turns out to be The Exorcist III. This horrifying evening is recorded in the first episode of the Netflix series Monster.

Edwards' Trauma May Last Long

Jeffrey Dahmer Victim That Got Away

To paraphrase the fictional account, Dahmer offered Edwards a drink spiked with narcotics, but Edwards refused to drink too much of it because he thought it tasted and smelt bad. The murderer then cuffed one of his wrists but did not shackle him to anything. Dahmer claims he watched the 1990 film "every day," so when they moved into his bedroom to watch it, tensions only rose.

"Dahmer threatened to kill me, and I believe him." He had his ear to my chest because he threatened to devour it at one time "The lawyer claims that Edwards revealed this information to him. After hearing that, "how can [you] say [you're going to have a regular life?" ...Ksicinski remarked.

Even yet, Edwards reportedly told his lawyer at the time that "Dahmer underestimated" him. Telling Ksicinski, "God sent me there to take care of the matter," he left. After meeting Dahmer, Edwards' life grew increasingly challenging, and he testified against the murderer in 1992. ABC News claims that he was extradited to Mississippi in connection with the sexual assault of a 14-year-old girl after authorities identified him from media reports.


Jeffrey Dahmer Victim That Got Away

According to the publication, when Edwards returned to Milwaukee, he sued the city for $5 million for not acting on tips about Dahmer before his escape in July. The case was eventually dismissed. When Glenda Cleveland, a nearby resident, repeatedly called municipal officials to report Dahmer's disturbing behavior, she was ignored. Edwards's former lawyer speculates that he knows why his client was left out of a later class action suit that provided financial compensation to the families of Dahmer's victims.

He concluded, "My assumption is he wanted no part of it." "Anything that would trigger memories of what had transpired was out of the question. It was an excessive amount." "He really portrayed himself as simple, until you hit that nerve, and he just turned entirely different," Ksicinski said. Ksicinski has lost contact with Edwards, who would be 63 years old today. I'm sure Tracy was pushed too far, and all I can do is pray that he's still alive, he added. What I mean is that everything in his life has been ruined.

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