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  1. Who Was Jeffrey Dahmer’s Girlfriend?
  2. Who Was Jeffrey Dahmer's Prom Date, Bridget Geiger?
  3. Conclusion: Who Is Jeffrey Dahmer's Girlfriend For Prom?

Plot Twist: Who Was Jeffrey Dahmer’s Girlfriend And One-Time Prom Date?

Who was Jeffrey Dahmer’s girlfriend? The notorious serial killer has a penchant for murdering men to satiate his sexual appetite. However, it was the 1970s, and many wonder if Dahmer might have had a “beard” in order to pass as straight.

He did, sort of. Jeffrey Dahmer had his one and only prom date with Bridget Geiger in high school. She claimed, "[...] To my knowledge, I am the only female to have dated serial killer Jeff Dahmer, yet I managed to escape unharmed.” Through her words, we catch a glimpse of Dahmer before he spiraled out of control.

Who Was Jeffrey Dahmer’s Girlfriend?

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Who was Jeffrey Dahmer’s girlfriend? While Dahmer never did have a girlfriend, in high school, he did ask out one of his schoolmates for his prom.
When Bridget's friend Lynn asked if she wanted to attend the prom with the strange youngster Dahmer, they were both sophomores at Revere High School. Bridget said, “He came up and said ‘Mike said you’d said you’d go to prom with me, is that right?” 
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They arrived at about 8:30, but Dahmer then disappeared. And when the prom ended, he reappeared and invited her for dinner. She remarked, "I was ashamed and outraged." Even though she didn't need a ride, she agreed to join him because she was upset and wanted some company. She also noticed he seemed like he had a few drinks in him.

Classmates said Dahmer was a gin-drinking, furious outcast who faked membership in extracurricular groups just to get into the yearbook. This is in line with how Dahmer’s former roommate and survivor described his alcohol-influenced abuse during their time stationed together. 

Following that, Jeffrey escorted Bridget back home. He said a polite yet somewhat bashful goodnight and departed without much more to say. The night, she recalls, wrapped up by around 11 or 12 o'clock at the latest.

Who Was Jeffrey Dahmer's Prom Date, Bridget Geiger?

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Describing his quirks, Bridget recalled that Dahmer was the only guy not dressed to the nines in a tuxedo when he showed up at her house on prom night, instead wearing brown slacks and a vest. He was so terrified of touching her that, as Bridget described, he shook violently as he tried to pin the corsage on her dress without really touching her. It was her mom who did it for him at last. 

In addition, it's mentioned that Bridget and Jeffrey met up once more, at what she called a "party." After their prom in June 1978, she received an invite to Jeffrey's house for this gathering, which was… unconventional. As Bridget puts it, there was "no music, no food, no drinks—it was a nerd party," attended by just seven people. It's chilling to note that he reportedly took his first victim a month after that prom, in June 1978.

Conclusion: Who Is Jeffrey Dahmer's Girlfriend For Prom?

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Who is Jeffrey Dahmer's prom date, Bridget Geiger? Bridget Geiger, whose last name is not specified, is married. She was also Jeffrey Dahmer's prom date at Revere High School in 1978 when she was 16, and he was 18. She revealed that he asked her out because her best friend was dating his best friend, highlighting his severe shyness around girls and other quirks. But little did she know, she was seeing the early signs of one of the most notorious serial killers in history.

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