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  1. #.1 Kahhori’s Adventure So Far In The MCU
  2. #2. Will Kahhori Join The MCU’s Live-Action Slate?
  3. #3. Which MCU Movie Can Kahhori Star In?
  4. #4. Which Actor Should Play Kahhori?

Will Kahhori Join The Official MCU Timeline? Here’s What We Know

Making her official MCU debut in What If…? Season 2 Episode 6, “What If… Kahhori Reshaped the World?”, the titular heroine quickly becomes a fan-favorite thanks to her unique Native American background and unorthodox abilities. Especially, Kahhori is an original MCU character, meaning that she hasn’t appeared in the comics or any kind of merchandise before.
After Kahhori made her debut, many Marvel fans expressed their desire online to see the Mohican warrior in a future live-action movie as well. There is no confirmation so far from Marvel, but we can already imagine several scenarios where Kahhori can join Earth-616’s Mightiest Heroes. After all, appearing only in the animated anthology series would be a waste for such a promising character.

#.1 Kahhori’s Adventure So Far In The MCU

Kahhori’s Adventure So Far In The MCU Source: Marvel
Kahhori first appeared in What If…? Season 2 Episode 6, “What If…Kahhori Reshaped The World?”, a sequel episode for the much-anticipated anthology franchise. She is a young Mohican warrior who lives in the Haudenosaunee Confederacy in the 1600s. 
After coming into contact with a Tesseract fragment, Kahhori gains mysterious cosmic abilities that allow her to open portals to the Sky World and meet her ancestors there, who also wield the same powers. Besides, Kahhori can also shoot cosmic projectiles, generate force-fields, and telekinesis. She's also immortal thanks to the power of the Tesseract.
Kahhori uses her newfound powers to push back the Spanish inquisitors that have been plaguing her homeland, and even confront the queen of Spain to negotiate for a peace treaty. She’s later recruited by Strange Supreme, who’s said to have some plans for her.
Kahhori Marvel Source: Marvel
However, it turns out that Strange Supreme intends to sacrifice Kahhori, alongside several other superheroes and villain variants from different dimensions to fuel his Forge, thus resurrecting his old universe. Kahhori manages to escape, and later team up with Captain Carter to rescue the victims and battle the corrupted sorcerer.
Thanks to the weapons given by other variants, the two manage to go toe-to-toe against Strange Supreme. Later, as Strange has a change of heart and sacrifices himself to destroy the Forge, Kahhori gets sent back to her universe thanks to the Watcher.

#2. Will Kahhori Join The MCU’s Live-Action Slate?

Will Kahhori Join The MCU’s Live-Action Slate? Source: Marvel
Kahhori plays a huge part in What If…? Season 2, as she not only appears in her own episode, but also presents at the end to help Captain Carter defeat Strane Supreme. And since her character is widely loved by fans, it’d make sense if Marvel wants to include her in Earth-616’s lineup as well.
However, since Kahhori doesn’t come from the comics, he doesn’t have the same interactions with other Marvel superheroes and villains either. This proves to be a challenge that Marvel Studios needs to overcome, and integrate her story into the rest.

#3. Which MCU Movie Can Kahhori Star In?

Which MCU Movie Can Kahhori Star In? Source: Marvel
Therefore, instead of making Kahhori a prominent character right away, Marvel should introduce her as a Multiverse variant instead, and there’s no better MCU movie to do so than Avengers: Secret Wars in 2027. The original Secret Wars storyline features multiple variants of our favorite characters from different universes, and it’s a perfect chance to bring Kahhori to the slate.
Of course, besides Avengers: Secret Wars, the Mohican warrior can also be a part of other Multiverse-related MCU movies or TV series, such as the upcoming Deadpool 3. Deadpool 3 will see the Merc with a Mouth traveling the Multiverse to meet and save several important figures, and meeting Kahhori could be one of them.
Kahhori Original Source: Marvel
Other MCU shows, such as Fantastic Four, or a potential Loki Season 3, could delve further into the Multiverse, and make Kahhori a part of them. Echo is also a good candidate, as it relates strongly to Kahhori’s Native American roots. And of course, the Mohican could always return in What If…? Season 3, which is basically confirmed by Marvel at the end of Season 2.

#4. Which Actor Should Play Kahhori?

Which Actor Should Play Kahhori? Source: IMDb
There are multiple talented actresses in Hollywood who are of Native American descent, who can play the live-action version of Kahhori. For now, the most prominent candidate is Devery Jacobs, who voiced animated Kahhori herself in What If…Season 2. Jacobs is a Canadian Mohawk performer, so she definitely has the look and aura to play a fellow indigenous character. 
Moreover, Jacobs will star in Marvel’s upcoming TV series Echo as Bonnie, a supporting character. Given the studio’s tendency to recast the same actors into different roles (looking at you, Gemma Chan), they could do the same with Jacobs.
Do you think Kahhori will appear in a live-action MCU movie? If so, who will portray the character? Let us know in the comments.
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