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  1. “I Don’t See Kingpin Dying,” Said D’Onofrio
  2. What Did The Actor Mean?
  3. Why Are Spider-Man And Daredevil Capable Of Killing Fisk?
  4. Marvel Still Has Plans For Kingpin In The Future
  5. Echo’s Latest Trailer Delves Further Into Kingpin’s Backstory

Vincent D’Onofrio Reveals Two Marvel Superheroes Who Can Kill His Kingpin

Marvel’s Echo is one of the most anticipated MCU shows in 2024. Not only the series will feature Charlie Cox’s Daredevil as a prominent character, but Vincent D’Onofrio’s Kingpin will also make a surprise return as the main villain. D’Onofrio’s character was seemingly dead at the end of Hawkeye’s TV series, but somehow magically survived and even appears in Echo’s trailer.
Wilson Fisk’s survival shocks the entire Marvel community, as he was shot from point-blank range by Maya Lopez herself. In a recent interview, Fisk’s actor, Vincent D’Onofrio shared his interesting take on how he stayed alive, and even revealed the two only Marvel superheroes who can actually kill him in battle. Let’s find out what Kingpin had to say.

#1. “I Don’t See Kingpin Dying,” Said D’Onofrio

Source: Jake's Takes, YouTube
Speaking to Jake’s Takes recently, D’Onofrio was asked whether his character would die in a future Marvel movie, and if so, who’s capable of completing such a feat. In return, the 64-year-old answered:
“This is a very difficult question, because I don't see that happening. I don't see Kingpin dying. Kingpin never died in the canon of the comic books, so that's very difficult. I'll talk in terms of who could come close to it. I think that it would have to be either Daredevil or Spider-Man... together, the two of them together, maybe. But I don't see Kingpin going away. He never did when I was a kid, so I don't expect he will now."

#2. What Did The Actor Mean?

What Did The Actor Mean? Source: Marvel
It seems that D’Onofrio himself doesn’t believe that his character, Kingpin, is going to get killed off any time soon in the MCU. The actor was correct, while being an infamous villain, Wilson Fisk hasn’t died once canonically in the comics. Fisk’s extraordinary physique and durability make him extremely hard to kill, and even only a few superheroes can do such a thing.
While he doesn’t think that Kingpin will die, D’Onofrio pointed out that he could see Daredevil and Spider-Man as the only heroes that can finish off the villain. Both of these two are Marvel’s most popular street-level superheroes from the comics, who both appear in the MCU and have fought Fisk several times in the comics.

#3. Why Are Spider-Man And Daredevil Capable Of Killing Fisk?

Why Are Spider-Man And Daredevil Capable Of Killing Fisk? Source: Marvel
While Spider-Man possesses superhuman strength and reflexes thanks to his arachnid powers, Matt Murdock is a martial arts expert, who’s known for his ruthlessness on the battlefield. If the two don’t hold back, they have the chance to kill Fisk. 
However, Peter Parker isn’t likely to do so since he’s tied to his no-killing moral code. He almost broke the rules once in Spider-Man: No Way Home, so making him go astray again in future MCU appearances doesn’t really make sense. Daredevil, on the other hand, is far more brutal and has killed before, so given his much closer tie with Fisk in his own series, he should be the one to end Kingpin once and for all.

#4. Marvel Still Has Plans For Kingpin In The Future

Marvel Still Has Plans For Kingpin In The Future Source: Marvel
As D’Onofrio has said, Kingpin isn’t going to die any time soon. He’s a complicated villain with a rich backstory, and has the potential for Marvel to delve further into. D’Onofrio’s Kingpin is also a fan-favorite character in the Daredevil series on Netflix, thanks to his ruthlessness and cunning display. 
Therefore, it’s safe to say that the studio still has plans for the villain, and he will appear in many future MCU projects to come. Kingpin and Daredevil will likely meet again in Daredevil: Born Again, and this is also a great chance to add Spider-Man into the fray, giving fans the epic showdown between Wilson Fisk and the Wall-Crawler fans have been waiting for.

#5. Echo’s Latest Trailer Delves Further Into Kingpin’s Backstory

Source: Marvel Entertainment, YouTube
Just hours ago, Marvel Studios released yet another trailer for Echo on YouTube, named “Hurt”. The trailer gives us a closer look at Vincent D’Onofrio’s Kingpin backstory, specifically his brutal childhood, and how he built his way to be one of New York’s most feared criminals. Charlie Cox’s Daredevil is also in the trailer, setting up an interesting encounter between the two.
The trailer also dives further into the relationship between Kingpin and Maya Lopez, Echo’s protagonist. It is revealed that the two first met when the Native American was still a kid, and the series will tell us how their relationship developed over time before eventually falling out. Let’s find out on January 9, when Echo is released on Disney+.
Do you think D’Onofrio’s Kingpin will die any time soon? Which Marvel superheroes are able to finish him off? Let us know in the comments.
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