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  1. Atlanta Metropolitan Area, Georgia
  2. Peachtree City, Georgia
  3. Social Circle, Georgia
  4. Grantville, Georgia
  5. The Setting In Oklahoma

Marvel's 'Echo' Filming Locations: A Comprehensive List

Marvel's "Echo" is a highly anticipated series set to release on January 9, 2024. Fans are eager to learn every detail about this seventh series in the MCU phase 5. While the cast and storyline have been topics of interest, the filming locations of "Echo" are particularly intriguing. The series was primarily filmed in various locations within Georgia, showcasing a blend of urban and rural settings.


Atlanta Metropolitan Area, Georgia

Marvel's 'Echo' Filming Locations Source: Marvel Entertainment

The bulk of "Echo's" filming took place in the Atlanta Metropolitan Area. This area is not new to the film and television industry, having hosted numerous productions in the past. Atlanta's diverse landscapes and modern cityscapes provided a perfect spot for the series. The city's lively streets and architecture likely played a big part in the backdrop of many scenes.


Peachtree City, Georgia

Peachtree City, part of South Metro Atlanta and the largest city in Fayette County, Georgia, was another big filming location. Known for its involvement in other major productions like "The Walking Dead," Peachtree City's cool suburban vibe provided a flexible spot for "Echo."


Social Circle, Georgia

About 45 miles east of Atlanta in Walton County, Social Circle also contributed to the series' filming locations. This small town is known for appearing on screen, with past projects including "A Haunting" and the film "Jerry and Marge Go Large."


Grantville, Georgia

Grantville, along the southern border of Coweta County, is known for its kinda run-down buildings, making it a great background for post-apocalyptic settings. The town, which became famous following the filming of "The Walking Dead," "Lawless," and "Broken Bridges," offered a one-of-a-kind, rustic feel for parts of "Echo."


The Setting In Oklahoma

where is Marvel's 'Echo' filmed Source: Marvel Entertainment

Interestingly, while the series is set in rural Oklahoma, the filming mainly happened in Georgia. Producer Stephen Broussard pointed out how special it is in an interview:

“It’s always about embracing whatever it is, right? Like embracing a Universal Hammer Horror film, kind of leaning into that and, I think leaning into what’s unique about any viewing property. What’s unique about this property is that it’s much more grounded, and it’s in rural Oklahoma, which is where it takes place. So it’s fun, and it’s been an amazing teamwork, and working with that team behind the scenes.”


In conclusion, Marvel's "Echo" was shot across various locations in Georgia, mainly in the Atlanta Metropolitan Area, Peachtree City, Social Circle, and Grantville. These lively locations provided the perfect backdrop for the series, contributing significantly to its visual storytelling and authenticity.

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