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  1. #1. Sydney Sweeney Got Bitten By A Spider In A Chaotic Video
  2. #2. What Was The Actress’ Reaction?
  3. #3. Sydney Sweeney Will, Ironically, Star In A Spider-Man Movie In 2024

Spider-Woman Star Got Bitten By A Real-Life Spider On Set

One of the best things about Spider-Man is his simple yet intriguing power origin: he got bitten by a radioactive spider, thus awakening his superpowers. Being Spidey fans since we were kids, don’t tell me you haven’t tried getting bitten by a real-life spider to see if you really gain Spider-Man’s abilities, and then attempted to shoot webs from your wrist just like Peter Parker would.
And ironically enough, a Spider-Man actor recently got bitten by a real-life arachnid, when they were filming, no less. No, we’re not talking about Tobey Maguire, Andrew Garfield, or Tom Holland, but rather an actress from the upcoming Sony movie Madame Web. Let’s learn more about Sydney Sweeney and her bizarre story of getting bitten by a spider on set.

#1. Sydney Sweeney Got Bitten By A Spider In A Chaotic Video

Source: The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, YouTube
In a recent interview with Jimmy Fallon on The Tonight Show, rising star Sydney Sweeney revealed chaotic footage of her getting bitten by a spider when filming for her upcoming rom-com movie, Anyone But You. In the movie, there’s a scene where the character is attacked by a huntsman spider. To make things real, Sweeney had to let the real spider crawl up her arm.
However, when they started filming, the trained huntsman spider stung Sweeney's arm, causing the actress to scream hysterically. Almost everyone on stage believed it was just a dramatic act by Sweeney, but her co-star Glen Powell noticed something went wrong, and immediately rushed to her side to help.

#2. What Was The Actress’ Reaction?

What Was The Actress’ Reaction? Source: IMDb
“No one cut. I’m just standing there with a spider on my arm just biting me and I’m screaming and everyone’s watching.“Glen was the only one – he was like, ‘Woah, woah, woah, I think this is a little real’ and we had to cut,” the Euphoria star recalled.
Luckily for Sweeney, the huntsman spider cannot hurt a human with its venom, so the actress’s health shouldn’t be in any kind of danger. However, the video quickly became viral on the Internet. with people commenting on Sweeney’s hilarious reactions and praising Powell’s quick wit at the same time.
Sydney Sweeney Actress Source: IMDb
Sweeney’s upcoming rom-com Anyone But You is set to release worldwide on December 22, 2023. The movie tells the story of Bea (Sidney Sweeney) and Ben (Glen Powell), a separated couple looking to rekindle their relationship at a destination wedding in Australia, which is the home to many huntsman spiders.

#3. Sydney Sweeney Will, Ironically, Star In A Spider-Man Movie In 2024

Sydney Sweeney Will, Ironically, Star In A Spider-Man Movie In 2024 Source: Sony Pictures Entertainment
Ironically enough, just weeks earlier, Sony just announced a Madame Web movie in 2024, with Sweeney starring as one of the Spider-Women.In the film, she will portray Julia Carpenter, a young teenage girl who discovers her arachnid powers after meeting Cassandra Webb. 
She stars alongside other actresses such as Dakota Johnson, Isabela Moner, and Celeste O’Connor as Madame Web and other Spider-Women. The upcoming movie tells the story of Cassandra Webb, who awakened her clairvoyance abilities after a near-death experience. She then connects with three different young girls, who later will gain their arachnid powers, and protect them from the main villain Ezekiel Sims.
Sydney Sweeney Sony Source: Sony Pictures Entertainment
The much-anticipated movie is also said to feature younger versions of May and Ben Parker. Peter’s aunt and uncle. The couple are reportedly portrayed by Emma Roberts and Adam Scott, respectively. However, the original Spider-Man, Peter Parker, is nowhere to be found in the first trailer, leaving fans wondering if he will appear or be mentioned in the movie.
What do you think of Sidney Sweeney’s bizarre story with the spider? Do you think she will gain arachnid powers just like Spider-Man? Share your thoughts in the comments.
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