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The Untold Side Of Miles Teller's Scars & How They Impacted His Life: Fine Or Bad?

Miles Teller's scars, etched into his journey from a life-altering accident in 2007, are more than just physical marks. These scars have left an indelible imprint on his personal life and career, shaping the actor in ways that resonate far beyond the surface. 
Today, we'll delve into the untold side of his “marks: and the remarkable impact they've had on his life. Scroll down to learn more.

What Happened To Miles Teller's Face?

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In 2007, Miles was in the passenger seat of a car that his friend was driving during a horrifying accident. “My buddy lost control of my car going 80 miles per hour,” Miles revealed to ABC in 2016. “We flipped eight times. I got ejected out the window.
The car landed and I was just laying, like, 50 feet from the car, unconscious, covered in blood. My buddy thought I was dead.” Miles was in between his sophomore and junior years of college when the accident took place. He and his friend were driving home from a music festival, and the car flew over three lanes of traffic as Miles flew out the window.
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In 2007, Miles Teller was a passenger in a car driven by his friend when a terrifying accident occurred. The car lost control at a speed of 80 miles per hour, flipping eight times. Miles was ejected from the car and found unconscious, covered in blood, about 50 feet away from the accident scene. His friend even believed he might not have been alive.
This traumatic incident happened between his sophomore and junior years of college while they were returning from a music festival. The car went airborne, crossing three lanes of traffic, and Miles was ejected from the vehicle during the ordeal.
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"Everything was fine except for my face," Miles admitted to The Guardian in 2016. In addition to the facial scars, Miles also had a broken wrist and needed 20 staples put in his shoulder after the crash.
Miles Teller's face continues to bear the scars from the accident, and he also has two pieces of gravel that remain embedded in his cheeks. The medical professionals decided not to remove the rocks, fearing it might worsen the scarring.
For roughly three years following the accident, Miles had to undergo laser treatments in an attempt to minimize some of the scarring. He mentioned in an interview with Esquire that these treatments were extremely painful.

How Did Miles Teller Scars Affect His Life?

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Lost his friends

The car accident also had a significant impact on Miles' relationships with his college friends at New York University. He ended up losing many of these friends due to the crash. It's worth noting that Miles, who stars in the Top Gun: Maverick movie alongside Tom Cruise, never blamed his friend, who was driving during the accident, responsible for the incident.

However, things became tense between them when Miles decided to sue his friend's insurance company in the months following the accident. This legal action created a strain in their friendship.

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Teller said, "I never wanted him to feel bad, so I never made anything out of it, ever... But I was racking up all these medical bills, so we had to sue his insurance because he was driving." 
Miles explained in the Esquire interview. “It’s not like we’re suing HIM. We’re suing his insurance. He comes to me, he’s like, ‘Miles, I don’t know if we can be friends when my parents’ insurance premiums are going to go up.’ I just sat with that for, like, 24 hours, and after that I was like, ‘Man, [expletive] you. I’ve never made you feel bad for this. For you to make me feel guilty and make me feel like you’re the victim here, that’s really [expletive] up.
Miles explained that, after the accident, his other friends decided to continue living with the friend involved in the crash. Unfortunately, this decision led to Miles losing contact with all his college friends. It's unfortunate that the financial and legal aspects of the accident strained their friendships. However, Miles Teller didn't let these challenges deter him. He successfully graduated from NYU in 2008 and began his professional acting career in film.

Posed a problem for some roles

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Following the accident, Miles faced challenges in securing movie roles because some in the industry believed it didn't make sense for characters to have facial scars. However, director John Cameron Mitchell recognized the uniqueness of Miles and offered him a significant role in "Rabbit Hole" in 2010, appreciating the depth and character the scars added. It was this role that began Miles' rise to fame.

An interesting detail that many might overlook is that in the movie "Fantastic Four," Miles Teller portrays Mister Fantastic, one of the super-stretchy Marvel characters, part of the iconic superhero quartet. 

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While his character has a visually striking costume, it's worth noting that the facial and neck scars on Mister Fantastic are not part of the design – they are, in fact, Miles Teller's real scars, adding authenticity to his portrayal. Miles didn't let the challenges of his past affect his career, and his determination has led him to star in prominent roles in the Entertainment industry.


Indeed, Miles Teller’s scars led to a challenging period in his life where he lost friends and roles, but this didn't cause him to give up his acting career. Despite challenges and loss, they also fueled his unwavering pursuit of his acting career. His scars are a testament to his inner strength and the unwavering spirit that propels him forward.
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