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  1. Neasa Hourigan Is A Prominent Green Party TD Who Strongly Believes In A National Voice For Ireland
  2. Her Political Career Is Fiiled With Controversy And Twists

Meet Neasa Hourigan - The Green Party's TD With Controverial Approaches

You may have heard of Neasa Hourigan in 2022 when she was suspended by the Green Party. Hourigan, known for her rebellious stance, has faced party sanctions. This comes in response to her dissenting vote against a Government motion concerning the eviction ban during the Dáil session.

So here's everything you need to know about her and her controversial political career.


Neasa Hourigan Is A Prominent Green Party TD Who Strongly Believes In A National Voice For Ireland

Neasa Hourigan Is A Prominent Green Party TD Who Strongly Believes In A National Voice For Ireland Source: Google Images
Neasa Hourigan, the Green Party TD for Dublin Central, wears many hats within the party. As Finance & Health Spokesperson and Chair of the Policy Council, she plays a pivotal role. With a background in crafting sustainable communities and experience as a university lecturer, Neasa brings a unique blend of expertise to her political career. Having lived in Cabra, Dublin 7, for 15 years, her connection to the community is both personal and professional.
FYI, "TD" stands for "Teachta Dála," which translates to "Deputy to the Dáil." The Dáil Éireann is the lower house of the Oireachtas, the Irish Parliament. A TD is a member of the Dáil, and each TD represents a specific constituency in Ireland. So, when someone is referred to as a "Green Party TD," it means they are a member of the Green Party who has been elected as a Deputy to the Dáil, representing a particular electoral constituency.
Neasa Hourigan joined the Green Party in 2011, driven by a strong belief in the necessity of a national voice for Ireland on sustainable living, ethical practices, climate change, and environmental issues. Trained as an architect specializing in sustainable development, she has served as a consultant and university lecturer in the field, holding a master's degree in environmental design and a postgraduate qualification in third-level education.
Throughout her professional journey, Neasa has contributed to both the private and public sectors as an architect and sustainability consultant, participating in significant infrastructural projects in Ireland. Notably, she served as an environmental design specialist for the recent Mater Adult Hospital in her constituency. Her diverse professional background includes:
Lecturer in Sustainable Design and Materials at Queens University Belfast (2010-2016)
  • Head of Sustainable Design at Scott Tallon Walker Architects, Dublin
  • Member of the BBC Expert Woman’s Panel (2015)
  • Green Party Chair of Policy Council (2016-2017) and Deputy Chair of Policy Council (2015-2016.
As a full-time caregiver for a disabled child, Neasa is committed to fostering communities with safe and accessible streets, affordable housing and services, food security, peace, and equal opportunities for all. In addition to her political involvement, she has a longstanding commitment to community volunteer work.
This includes collaborations with Age Action Ireland, the establishment and management of a charity shop for the visually impaired, and weekly volunteering at her local Day Centre, where she leads a therapeutic art class.

Her Political Career Is Fiiled With Controversy And Twists

Her Political Career Is Fiiled With Controversy And Twists Source: Google Images
Neasa Hourigan, elected as a TD for Dublin Central in the 2020 general election, has a history of challenging party lines. After her election, Darcy Lonergan took her place on the Dublin City Council. In July 2020, Hourigan co-founded the "Just Transition Greens," a faction within the Green Party advocating for a more eco-socialist stance.
Her dissenting stance became apparent in July 2020 when she resigned as party whip, objecting to the government's Residential Tenancies Bill amendments. Party leader Eamon Ryan sanctioned her, withdrawing speaking rights for two months. In December 2020, alongside Green TD Patrick Costello, Hourigan opposed Ireland's entry into CETA, citing concerns about the investment court system undermining Irish sovereignty.
In May 2022, Hourigan and Costello faced a six-month suspension from the Green Party for voting against the government on the National Maternity Hospital location. Their readmission occurred in November 2022.
On March 7, 2023, Hourigan criticized the government for ending the eviction ban, branding the decision as "heartless." She also voiced dissatisfaction with Green Party leader Eamon Ryan, leading to a suspension on March 22, 2023. This suspension followed her vote against the government on an amendment to a Sinn Féin motion, advocating for the extension of the eviction ban.
Neasa Hourigan, the Dublin Central TD, has announced her intention to break ranks with the Government and support a Sinn Féin motion aimed at preserving the eviction ban. Expressing her discontent with the termination of the ban, Deputy Hourigan highlighted the plight of "hundreds of children" in her constituency who are grappling with homelessness.
In a piece for the Sunday Independent, Hourigan emphasized the need for compromise in coalition politics but underscored her commitment to advocating for what she believes is in the best interests of her constituents. Despite acknowledging the necessity of compromise in a coalition, she asserted her awareness of the impact certain decisions can have on the well-being of those she represents.
The Government's decision not to extend the eviction moratorium beyond March 31st has generated criticism, and Hourigan's move signals a divergence from the coalition line. Her decision reflects a focus on the pressing issue of homelessness, particularly among children, within her constituency.
Though having a rather strong stance on political and social issues, it can be stated that Neasa Hourigan is trying her best to fulfill her role and serve society as best as she can and we can all praise that! Check out more public-figure news from AUBTU.BIZ
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