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  1. Is Megan Moroney Dating Riley Green?
  2. Is Megan Moroney Dating Blake Patterson?
  3. Megan Moroney Dating Rumors

Who is Megan Moroney's Boyfriend? Is it Blake Patterson or Riley Green?

Who's Megan Moroney dating? That's the question stirring up the fans. In 2023, she set the record straight: she's flying solo, cutting off any gossip about a fling with country singer Morgan Wallen. Despite the chatter about Riley Green or Blake Patterson, we've got zilch for solid proof. Moroney's all about her tunes, rocking it with her album "Lucky" and the chartbuster 'Tennessee Orange'. She's not one to spill the beans on her private life, even with everyone dying to know.

Key Takeaways

  • Megan Moroney is single in 2023, quashing rumors about dating Morgan Wallen, Riley Green, or Blake Patterson, with no substantial evidence to support these claims.
  • Moroney's primary focus is on her music, with her album "Lucky" and hit 'Tennessee Orange', rather than discussing her personal life.
  • Public speculation about Moroney's love life, fueled by social media and photographs, remains just that - speculation, as she maintains a low profile on private matters.

Is Megan Moroney Dating Riley Green?

Megan Moroney Dating Riley Green Source: Unknown
Busting the buzz, Megan Moroney and Riley Green aren't an item. This came to light after Moroney was snapped cuddling up to a mystery guy in an orange getup. Initial bets were on Green, but turns out, that was off the mark.Riley Green himself shut down the rumors. He hit up Instagram with a Johnny Cash track, nailing the message: he's not the guy in Moroney's life. Green, flying solo, makes it clear he's not the mystery man linked to Moroney.

Is Megan Moroney Dating Blake Patterson?

When it comes to Megan Moroney and Blake Patterson, the rumor mill's been churning, but there's nothing solid. The whispers mostly come from online gossip and a Reddit hint, but it's all up in the air. In 2023, Moroney announced she's single. This pretty much says those Patterson rumors are just that – unsubstantiated whispers. Megan's laser-focused on her music, shining bright with recent hits and gigs.

Megan Moroney Dating Rumors

Who is Megan Moroney Boyfriend Source: Collected & Getty Images

Since Megan Moroney stepped into the spotlight, her love life's been more backstage than front-and-center. Sure, her name's been linked with a few, thanks to her rise in country music.

  • Morgan Wallen Rumors: The 2023 gossip mill had Moroney and Morgan Wallen in a supposed romance, all because of a Tennessee shirt Moroney rocked in 'Tennessee Orange's cover art.
  • Moroney's clear, though: It's nothing more than a shirt and a platonic vibe.
  • Photograph Speculation: Moroney stirred the pot with a photo hugging a mystery man. People guessed – Riley Green? Blake Patterson? – but Moroney's keeping it hush.
  • Public Statements: In her chats with the press, Moroney's vocal about being single and throwing her energy into her music. She's not too keen on the world poking into her private life, preferring to keep that door closed.
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