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  1. Who Is Matt Rife Dating?
  2. Is Matt Rife Married?
  3. Is Matt Rife A Green Flags In Romantic Relationships?
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Who Is Matt Rife’s Girlfriend? Is He A Red Flag In Romantic Relationships?

Curious about Matt Rife's girlfriend and whether he's a charming companion in love? Matt Rife, known for his humor and charm, is not only a comedian but also a personality who has captured the attention of many. The man is no stranger to the spotlight but there's more to him than meets the eye.
While many are wondering if he is a “red flag” in romantic relationships, we decide to explore his love life to answer these questions.

Who Is Matt Rife Dating?

Everyone believes that Matt Rife is dating actress Jessica Lord - the Find Me in Paris star.
Matt commented, "LS," on Jessica's social media post, leaving fans speculating about its meaning. Some believe it stands for "Love Sick" or "Love Struck," but it remains uncertain. However, this enigmatic message strongly suggests a close connection between the two.
During an appearance on GMA3: What You Need to Know, the comedian admitted that he is not single. This confession surprised the hosts and all audiences in this show. 
Jessica Lord Source: Google Images
The co-host acknowledged his popularity with the ladies, and Matt playfully apologized to the audience, who seemed a bit disappointed by his revelation. 
Despite the unexpected romance disclosure, he remained open to discussing his ideal partner by participating in a game called "Pursue Or Problematic," where he revealed his preferences when it comes to dating.

Is Matt Rife Married?

Matt Rife is a comedian Source: Google Images
Matt Rife is not married but everyone hopes to see his wedding in the near future. Of course, his bride is expected to be Jessica Lord. 
Although they're not officially married, Matt and Jessica's partnership highlights their common interests and experiences, offering insights into the progress of their relationship.

Is Matt Rife A Green Flags In Romantic Relationships?

Is Matt Rife A Green Flags? Source: Google Images
It's really hard to determine if someone is the ideal partner, so we're not making any definitive claims. That's why we've decided to revisit his past. Who did Matt Rife date? How did they love each other?
Back in 2017, Matt Rife gained attention when he was seen sharing a kiss with Kate Beckinsale in Los Angeles. Their relationship, however, was brief. According to sources from Entertainment Tonight, they appeared to be well-suited, describing Matt as a genuinely sweet guy who brought happiness to Kate.
Kate Beckinsale Source: Google Images
Kate Beckinsale's family had a favorable opinion of Matt, considering him a kind and delightful person. However, their relationship was rather short-lived. According to an insider who spoke to Us Weekly, it wasn't a very serious relationship to begin with.
They went on a few enjoyable dates, but things gradually fizzled out. When asked if there was a chance of them getting back together again, Matt's response was a straightforward "Not a chance," adding a touch of intrigue to the situation.
Lucy Hale Source: Google Images
Lucy Hale is also Matt Rife's ex girlfriend. In 2023, Page Six revealed that he had a fling with her, "Pretty Little Liars" star, although there isn't much information available about their relationship.
Afterward, he turned his romantic attention to Jessica Lord, an actor from "Find Me in Paris," and it seems like they're spending a lot of time together when he's not performing. Whether their relationship will evolve into something more lasting remains to be seen, and only time will provide the answer.


Matt Rife Source: Google Images
While everyone assumes that Jessica is Matt Rife's girlfriend, we don't have much information to confirm if this is true. Nonetheless, they do share a close and friendly relationship as colleagues. 
Looking at Matt Rife's relationships and how others perceive him, this comedian seems like a nice and kind guy. However, it remains quite hard to determine if he's a red flag or green flag in the realm of love. If you're curious about Matt Rife's life, follow us for updates.
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