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  1. Is Jean Grey Pregnant In X-Men '97 Trailer?
  2. Who Is Jean Grey's Child In The Trailer?
  3. Jean Grey’s Pregnancy: What Does It Mean for X-Men '97?
  4. Who Is Jean Grey From X-Men 97?

Is Jean Grey Pregnant? X-Men '97 Trailer Massive Reveal Explained!

If you are a fan of the X-Men, you might have watched the trailer for X-Men '97, the upcoming Disney+ series that will continue the story of the beloved 90s animated show. And if you did, you might have noticed a scene that seems to suggest that Jean Grey, the powerful telepath and telekinetic mutant, is pregnant. One of the most telling signs is a scene where Jean Grey is seen touching her stomach, a common cinematic trope to indicate pregnancy. But is Jean Grey pregnant? And if so, what does this mean for the future of the X-Men?
In this article, we will try to answer these questions and more, using the most updated information in 2024. We will also explore who Jean Grey is, who are her children in the comics, and what are the implications of her pregnancy for the X-Men '97 series.

Key Takeaways:

  • In the "X-Men '97" trailer, Jean Grey is depicted as pregnant, hinting at significant plot developments involving her character and potentially introducing characters like Rachel Summers or Nathan Summers (Cable) into the storyline.
  • The child's father is likely Cyclops (Scott Summers), Jean's longstanding partner, suggesting the series may explore themes of family and parenthood alongside traditional superhero narratives.
  • Jean Grey's pregnancy opens up narrative possibilities for "X-Men '97," including time travel, future dystopias, and the exploration of superhero parenthood, offering a fresh perspective on familiar characters.

Is Jean Grey Pregnant In X-Men '97 Trailer?

As for jean grey's pregnancy, the short answer is: Yes, she is! In the X-Men '97 trailer, we see Jean Grey, now voiced by Jennifer Hale, out of the picture for a very different reason: she is heavily pregnant. This is presumably with either one of the Summers children from the comics—Rachel, who was originally from the dark future timeline seen in “Days of Future Past,” or Nathan, who would grow up to be Cable. However, it’s important to note that Nathan was not actually birthed by Jean, but her clone and Scott’s first wife, Madelyne Pryor.
Madelyne Pryor, also known as Maddie, will seemingly appear in X-Men ‘97, going by Hasbro’s Marvel Legends toyline for the series. However, she will be in her more infamous form as the Goblin Queen, having turned to dark powers during the events of the legendary comics arc “Inferno.” It’s a lot, so just how ‘97 is going to approach it remains to be seen.

Who Is Jean Grey's Child In The Trailer?

x-men 97 jean grey pregnant
The most obvious answer to this question is Cyclops, aka Scott Summers, Jean's husband and longtime love interest. The two have been married since 1994, after Jean returned from being possessed by the cosmic entity known as the Phoenix Force. They have been through many trials and tribulations together, but they have always remained loyal and devoted to each other. This would logically make her child Hope Summer.
In the comics, Jean Grey and Scott Summers (Cyclops) have a daughter named Rachel Summers. Rachel inherits her mother’s telepathic and telekinetic abilities and also becomes a host for the Phoenix Force. In an alternate timeline, Rachel takes on the codename Phoenix (and later, Marvel Girl) to honor her mother.
Jean also has a son named Nathan Summers, better known as Cable. However, Cable’s mother is a clone of Jean Grey, Madelyne Pryor, and not Jean herself. Cable is a time-traveling mutant soldier with potent telepathic and telekinetic powers. 
In the Ultimate Marvel Universe, an alternate imprint, Jean and Scott have a son named X-Man. However, this character does not exist in the main continuity.

Jean Grey’s Pregnancy: What Does It Mean for X-Men '97?

jean grey pregnant
Jean Grey’s pregnancy in the X-Men '97 trailer opens up a world of possibilities for the storyline. If the child is indeed Rachel Summers, we could see a storyline involving time travel, as Rachel is from a dystopian future in the comics. This could introduce new characters from the future and expand the X-Men universe in exciting ways.
Alternatively, if the child is Nathan Summers, also known as Cable, the storyline could take an interesting turn. In the comics, Cable is a time-traveling mutant soldier from a dystopian future. His character is known for his potent telepathic and telekinetic powers, and his complex relationship with his parents. If X-Men '97 chooses to introduce Cable, it could open up a wealth of storytelling possibilities, including time travel, future dystopias, and intricate family dynamics.  
Alternatively, the series could explore the challenges of parenthood for superheroes, a theme not often explored in superhero media. Jean Grey and Scott Summers, as new parents, would have to balance their duties as X-Men with their responsibilities as parents. This could lead to character development and new dynamics within the X-Men team.
Moreover, Jean Grey’s pregnancy could also be a way to explore her character outside of her Phoenix persona. It could provide an opportunity to delve into Jean’s human side and her relationships with other characters, particularly Scott Summers.

Who Is Jean Grey From X-Men 97?

Jean Grey From X-Men 97: X-men 97 Jean Grey pregnant
As X-Men 97 is the continuation of the animated show from the 90s, Jean Grey character likely will continue where her story left off. Jean Grey, also known as Marvel Girl, is one of the original members of the X-Men in the animated series that aired in the 90s. Voiced by Catherine Disher, Jean Grey is a central character in the series, known for her powerful telepathic and telekinetic abilities.
In the animated series, Jean Grey is portrayed as a key member of the X-Men team, fighting for justice and human acceptance in the Marvel Comics universe. Her character is deeply intertwined with the Phoenix and Dark Phoenix sagas, which are considered some of the most memorable storylines in the series.
One of the most significant storylines involves Jean Grey’s transformation into the Phoenix. This storyline is an established part of her Marvel Comics lore and was adapted into the animated series. Jean’s transformation into the Phoenix and subsequently the Dark Phoenix is a testament to her immense psychic potential and the dangers it poses.
Jean Grey’s character in the animated series is often exhausted, which is something many viewers found relatable. This exhaustion was not necessarily tied to any specific plot but was more a reflection of the challenges and pressures she faced as a member of the X-Men.
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