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  1. #1. How Many Post-Credit Scenes Does The Marvels Have?
  2. #2. The First Post-Credit Scene Of The Marvels Reveals An Unexpected Character
  3. #3. The Marvels’ Post-Credit Scene May Mean Something Big For The MCU In The Long Run
  4. #4. What About The Marvels’ Other Post-Credit Scene?

The Marvels Has One Of The Best MCU Post-Credit Scenes Ever, And Here’s Why

Besides the actions and visual effects, the post-credit scenes are another aspect that keeps Marvel fans flooding to theaters to see the movies. Everyone wants to see what Marvel Studios has in its sleeves this time, and what story, or superhero, it will unveil for the upcoming installments. These scenes create a great sense of continuity that forms the MCU as a whole.
The Marvels, while receiving mixed reviews, isn’t any different. In fact, many fans couldn’t contain their hype and amusement after seeing the post-credit scenes of the movie. Some even deemed that The Marvels has the best MCU post-credit scene ever. Without further ado, we’ll explain things to you right away.

#1. How Many Post-Credit Scenes Does The Marvels Have?

How Many Post-Credit Scenes Does The Marvels Have? Source: Marvel
The number of post-credit scenes in Marvel titles varies from movie to movie. Most of the time, they feature two scenes, with one being more important than the other to create a sense of continuity in the franchise (without spoiling too much). Some other movies feature one, and a few of them, like Avengers: Endgame and the latest Loki Season 2, have none.
The Marvels follows the trend, with two eye-catching post-credit scenes to keep fans on their feet. One of them is significantly more important than the other for obvious reasons, and we’re digging into it right away.

#2. The First Post-Credit Scene Of The Marvels Reveals An Unexpected Character

The First Post-Credit Scene Of The Marvels Reveals An Unexpected Character Source: Marvel
At the end of The Marvels, as Der-Benn perishes, she creates a wormhole that connects to a different reality using her bangle, and it’s up to Monica Rambeau, aka Photon, to patch things up with her abilities. She successfully fixes the hole, but as a result, ends up in the other reality and loses contact with her comrades.
As Monica is floating in space, she’s rescued by a mysterious hero. The first-post credit scene sees Monica waking up in a medical unit. As she turns around, she sees a woman that looks identical to her late mother, Maria. However, the latter doesn’t seem to recognize Monica. Monica also feels that this woman is not her mother, despite the resemblance.
Marvel Fox Source: Marvel
As the two are still in confusion, a third person steps onto the scene. And it’s no one else but Hank McCoy, aka The Beast, a prominent member of the X-Men team. Better yet, his role is reprised by Kelsey Grammer himself, who has been a part of Fox’s X-Men franchise since the 2003 movie. You can notice an X-shaped door around him, suggesting that they’re currently in the famous X-Mansion.
The Marvels Source: Marvel
Hank then explains that as Monica was floating in space, Binary - the one who looks like Monica’s mom - found her, and brought her in for medical care. He also reveals that Charles (quite possibly Charles Xavier, the X-Men executive) wants to speak to all of them. The scene ends there, with Monica trying to put everything together, while the familiar theme of X2 plays in the background.
The appearance of Binary, a variant of Captain Marvel in the parallel universe is largely overshadowed by Hank McCoy, as the mutant’s existence could mean something much bigger for the MCU from now on. As she’s out of Earth-616 right now, Monica is in Fox’s X-Men universe, which means that Professor X’s team will have the chance to encounter the Avengers very soon in the future.

#3. The Marvels’ Post-Credit Scene May Mean Something Big For The MCU In The Long Run

With the current Multiverse run in the MCU, it’s only a matter of time before the X-Men is reintroduced to the audience. Deadpool 3, which is set to release in 2024, will focus on the collapse of the Fox Universe, and quite possibly integrate the X-Men into Earth-616. This will set things up nicely for the events in Avengers: Secret Wars, the ultimate crossover movie in 2027.
Deadpool 3 is reported to bring back some of our favorite X-Men characters as well, such as Cyclops or Wolverine, and Hugh Jackman and the others are coming back to reprise their roles. Therefore, Kelsey Grammer’s Hank McCoy’s appearance at the end of The Marvels is a perfect confirmation that the original X-Men lineup will appear in future MCU titles.

#4. What About The Marvels’ Other Post-Credit Scene?

What About The Marvels’ Other Post-Credit Scene? Source: Marvel
Well, it’s technically not a post-credit scene, just an audio easter egg, and it pales in comparison to the previous big revelation with Hank McCoy. In the audio, we can hear the sound of meowing kittens, referring to an earlier comedic relief moment in the movie which involves a lot of baby flerkens. The scene also includes a musical note by Lord Andrew Lloyd Weber.
What do you think of The Marvels’ shocking post-credit scene? Does the appearance of Hank McCoy mean something big up ahead in the Marvel Cinematic Universe? Share us your thoughts below in the comments.
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