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  1. Is Eddie Munson Gay?
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  5. In Short: Is Eddie Munson Gay In Stranger Things?

Is Eddie Munson Gay? Everything The Show Doesn’t Tell You About On The Character’s Sexuality

All Stranger Things fans have at least wondered “Is Eddie Munson gay?” An immensely popular character in the fourth season of the show, so much so that the producer has to apologize for killing him off - Eddie Munson has earned a special place in Stranger Things.

Unfortunately, having appeared in only one season before being killed off, there isn’t a lot of room to explore the character’s sexuality. And so fans keep wondering “Is Eddie Munson gay in Stranger Things?”


Is Eddie Munson Gay?

Stranger Things - is eddie munson gay Source: Netflix
Is Eddie Munson gay? Due to his immense popularity since his introduction in the fourth season of Stranger Things, fans have been speculating about his sexuality. But even until his heroic demise, no definite answer was ever given by the producers of the show. 

That being said, there certainly are some very convincing theories about whether Eddie Munson like the guys or the girls. And among them, there was one theory that prevails...


Eddie and Dustin Fan Theory:

Eddie and Dustin Fan Theory - eddie munson gay Source: Netflix

It was his relationship with Dustin Henderson that stoked the fire of his sexuality theory. In season 4, Eddie Munson is represented as the king of the misfits at Hawkins High School, a virtuoso Dungeons & Dragons Dungeon Master, and Dustin’s latest role model. 

In the epic finale, they find themselves in the Upside Down version of Eddie's family trailer, with those freaky Demobats making creepy noises on the roof. Eddie saves Dustin by sacrificing himself and gets on his bike, knowing that the bats are going to come after him. There is also an unseen clip from the explosive season four finale that shows how one iconic scene between Eddie and Dustin came to be.

But wait, even with that heartfelt moment when Eddie said, "I love you, man" before his end, it looks like they're just super tight best buds, no romantic stuff going on there.


Eddie Munson’s Romantic Interests:

Eddie Munson’s Romantic Interests - was eddie munson gay Source: Netflix

During his short time on the show, Eddie Munson didn't seem to have any specific romantic interests going on. In fact, they never even mentioned his relationship status.

But, there's a twist! Eddie actually has a crush on his friend, Chrissy Cunningham. You might remember her from Stranger Things, she pops up in the fourth season and is played by Grace Van Dien. Chrissy's your typical super-popular girl from Hawkins, Indiana. Back in '86, she was the cheerleading queen at her high school and dated the basketball team's captain, Jason Carver.

But wait, there's more! Behind that perfect facade, Chrissy was dealing with some tough stuff - battling depression and struggling with self-image issues due to her mom's emotional abuse. And guess what, it's Eddie Munson who comes into the picture because of all this. But other than that, there's no other romance brewing for Eddie in the show.


Eddie Munson's Gay Bandana Mark

Bandana Mark - is eddie munson gay stranger things Source: Netflix

One theory that has gained traction among fans is based on Eddie’s fashion choices. People noticed he's rockin' a black and white bandana in his back pocket, and they think it might have something to do with the 80s "hanky code" trend.

Back in the day, queer men had this color-coded way of communicating, called the Hanky Code or flagging. Basically, if you had a bandana on the left side, it meant you were a "top," and on the right side, it meant you were a "bottom."

So, the theory goes like this: Eddie's black bandana in his back pocket could be a nod to the hanky code, hinting that he might be queer.


In Short: Is Eddie Munson Gay In Stranger Things?

Is Eddie Munson Gay In Stranger Things Source: Netflix

These fan theories and speculations are pretty wild, but hold up a sec! No word from the showrunners or Eddie Munson himself about his sexuality, so it's all just guesswork for now. But man, it's kinda cool to see how fans analyze every little detail, especially when it comes to fashion in Stranger Things. They don't mess around with the details in that show! 

And hey, who knows, maybe there are other queer characters lurking around in Stranger Things that the producers slyly hinted at. Had Eddie survived season 4, would he eventually come out as a queer character on Stranger Things? Is Eddie Munson gay in Stranger Things? What do you think? 

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