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Is Whitney from Southern Charm Gay? Are Naomi and Whitney Still Dating?

Whitney Sudler-Smith, the creative mind behind "Southern Charm," has made people curious about his sexuality. Even with the gossip, Whitney is not gay. Some have guessed he might be bisexual, but these are just wild guesses. His relationship with Naomi Olindo from the show has got people talking. Let's look at their current relationship status in the next section.

Are Naomi and Whitney Still Dating?

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No, Whitney Sudler-Smith and Naomi Olindo are not currently dating. Their dating scene was a hot topic during Season 8 of "Southern Charm." However, as of now, they've kept up a friendship but are not romantically involved. Their connection, initially catching people's attention due to their limited interactions on the show, has become a really good friendship, leaving Whitney and Naomi to do their own thing.

About Whitney Sudler-Smith

Sudler-Smith Whitney, born on June 2, 1968, in Washington, D.C., has many talents. He's not only the creator and executive producer of the reality TV show "Southern Charm" but also a filmmaker and musician. Whitney's involvement in the creative arts defines his energetic personality.

What Does Whitney from Southern Charm Do for a Living?

Whitney Sudler-Smith is a man of many talents. His main job is as the creator and executive producer of the hit show "Southern Charm." He also has a hand in its spin-offs, "Southern Charm Savannah" and "Southern Charm New Orleans." Whitney's creative work doesn't stop there.

He's a filmmaker, having directed the documentary "Ultrasuede: In Search of Halston," and an accomplished guitarist. This mix of creativity and business savvy highlights his varied career in the Entertainment industry.

Whitney's Role as a Producer and Director

Whitney Sudler-Smith's impact in the entertainment industry goes way beyond his appearance on the show "Southern Charm." As a producer and director, he's made an unforgettable impact. His documentary "Ultrasuede:

In Search of Halston" shows his skill in making really interesting stories.
His role as the creator and executive producer of "Southern Charm" and its spin-offs shows his knack for engaging reality TV content. Whitney's approach to storytelling, both in television and film, is characterized by a special mix of creativity and deep insight, making him a big name in contemporary media production.

Whitney's Relationship with "Southern Charm" Cast Members

Whitney Sudler-Smith's role in "Southern Charm" is more than just behind-the-scenes; his interactions with fellow cast members are crucial. Notably, his early series connection with Kathryn Dennis caught interest. Although they never got serious, this link was a major plot point.

Whitney's dating scene with Naomi Olindo in Season 8 also grabbed viewers' attention. Beyond these romantic links, Whitney's interactions often have a mix of classiness and a somewhat aloof attitude, reflecting his special role as both a creator and a participant in the show.


Whitney Sudler-Smith's family background is as interesting as his career. He is the only child of Patricia Altschul, a well-known person in social circles and a major figure on "Southern Charm." Their bond with his mom is a big part of the show.

Whitney's father, Lon Smith, though less known, was an important person in his life. Sadly, Lon passed away after battling leukemia, a loss that hit hard. This family dynamic, including the close relationship with his mother and the effect of his father's passing, gives more character to Whitney's on-screen persona.

Net Worth

As of now, Whitney's net worth is estimated aroun $12 million

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